8 Healthy Meals Inspired by BECYCLE's Instructors

Berlin has been recognized as one of THE vegan capitals of the world. Having demonstrated the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle, BECYCLE's instructors took the time to share some of their favorite ingredients and meals that enable them to feel and perform at their peak levels of fitness. Ranging from simple vegetarian dishes to plant based vegan cuisine, these recipes will invite you to explore these nutrient rich ingredients as they continue to further you on your individual journey in becoming the best and healthiest version of yourself. 



Recipe & Photo Courtesy of:  Deliciously Ella

Recipe & Photo Courtesy of: Deliciously Ella

Superfood Bread With Scrambled Eggs

Inspired by our energetic RIDE instructor Paula, the Superfood Bread dish is a great way to start off any morning. Originally from the works of Deliciously Ella, the wholesome bread provides a great amount of carbohydrates to fuel your energy for the day while also incorporating essential fats and proteins, when you add on that avocado and scrambled eggs.



Photo Courtesy of:  Deliciously Ella

Photo Courtesy of: Deliciously Ella

Bircher Muesli With Almond Milk

Our instructors love their superfoods, which inspired this awesome breakfast dish, Bircher Muesli With Almond Milk. This recipe utilizes the different types of superfoods all in one delicious and nutritious meal. There are many variations to the dish and Kate F. suggests exploring your favorite fruits and yogurts to achieve the sense of energy and joy this breakfast entree brings her.  







Tofu Burger

This Tofu Burger is definitely a dish that Katharine (we miss you!) and Kate R. would approve of. Our BECYCLE instructors have expressed how cutting out meat has been quite beneficial for their overall energy and health. Kate R. even feels how the transition to a meatless diet has led her to a clearer conscious about the environment and impact on the planet. Created by True Food Kitchen's very own Dr. Richard Weil, this recipe has amazing flavors that will convince your taste buds that you are eating a good "meaty" burger.


Recipe and Photo Courtesy of:  Deliciously Ella

Recipe and Photo Courtesy of: Deliciously Ella


The Creamy Pea and Spinach Pasta is a great choice for a quick lunch break, loosely inspired by our BECYCLE's own, Shirah. This easy dish includes some of Shirah's main components of her daily diet regime. This recipe, created by Deliciously Ella, only takes ten minutes to prepare and abides by a vegetarian lifestyle. Be sure to add your own creative twist such as adding a plant based protein on top, or serve it up with some sweet potatoes mixed in to kickstart your tastebuds.





Recipe & Photo Courtesy of:  Hemsley & Hemsley

Recipe & Photo Courtesy of: Hemsley & Hemsley

Quinoa Tabbouleh

Faren (we miss you, too!) and Bradyn are game for the Quinoa Tabbouleh as a meal to end the day. Hailing from Hemsley & Hemsley, the Quinoa Tabbouleh is the perfect summertime dish that provides an amazing taste to end a long, energy draining day. This recipe includes ingredients such as avocado, quinoa, spinach and many more essential nutrients for a vegetarian lifestyle. There is very little preparation, and Faren would agree that it even tastes better the days following. Yes, I'll take those leftovers!


Recipe & Photo Courtesy of:  Dr. Richard Weil

Recipe & Photo Courtesy of: Dr. Richard Weil

Curry cauliflower Soup

Wanting to go vegan? David and Catarina have realized how plant based diets have made them understand how amazing we are supposed to feel. From the works of True Food Kitchen's very own, Dr. Richard Weil, this vegan-centric dish is the perfect meal for many variations of what your physical aspirations are. There really is no reason not to take 30 minutes to whip up this Curry Cauliflower Soup. For starters, it's a great source of vitamins and beneficial properties for heart health! And secondly, it's down right delicious!



Snacks & Smoothies

Recipe Courtesy of:  Pamela Elizabeth, Blossom Du Jour Restaurant  / Photo Courtesy of:   Brenda Godinez  

Recipe Courtesy of: Pamela Elizabeth, Blossom Du Jour Restaurant / Photo Courtesy of:  Brenda Godinez 

Blossom du jour's thrive smoothie

Don't have enough time for a meal? Here is a great smoothie that is heavily nutritious and perfect for on-the-go situations. Followed closely by the works of Pamela Elizabeth of Blossom Du Jour Restaurant, this smoothie is packed with all the essentials for a hot summer day. If you need a quick run of protein or simply looking for something green that makes you feel good, I'm sure AJ would agree that this vegan smoothie is the way to go. 



Recipe courtesy of:  Angela Liddon, Oh She Glows  /Photo courtesy of:  Charles Deluvio

Recipe courtesy of: Angela Liddon, Oh She Glows /Photo courtesy of: Charles Deluvio

no-bake chocolate fudge cookies

Are you interested in intermittent fasting? AJ and Sven think it is a great way to personalise your own nutritional value and ensure great productivity and energy levels. But who doesn't need the occasional chocolate fix? These no-bake chocolate chip cookies will surely do the trick. Packed with chia seeds for Omega-3 benefits, you can add different nuts and grains to this dish to satisfy your own personal needs. 


Article written by Ika Morton