Why Pre/Postnatal Yoga is Good for Motherhood

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In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s easy to forget to check in with the most important person in your life – you! Making time to connect with your intuition is the foundation for creating a healthy lifestyle and a positive mindset. In a stage of a woman’s life such as motherhood, it can sometimes be hard to maintain that inner harmony and balance. In fact, it’s pretty normal for new moms to be vulnerable at times. Sometimes fear creeps up inside and suddenly the mind is flooded with judgment and self doubt. Whenever you feel this shift, it’s time to reconnect with your intuition and work on your energies.

Traditional Indian medicine of Ayurveda (ayur = life and veda = science or knowledge) has been focusing on working on the body’s energy function for thousands of years. Its target is to maintain good health of the body, mind and soul and to avoid disease. Although Ayurveda is still considered an “alternative” medicine system, it is the most used and oldest health system in the world. It is also responsible for bringing us more awareness about yoga for well-being. This approach to life really appeals to those people who are undergoing wellness enlightenment and developing consciousness. I highly recommend it to all the mamas and mamas to be.

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Why is yoga important during motherhood you might ask? Because yoga works on all the dimensions of the being, not just on the physical. In working on one's energies, it also improves the spiritual level. Practicing pre/postnatal yoga will make you understand how special and unique you are, and how your physical and mental health is important to you and your family. Prenatal and postnatal yoga is not about keeping weight off or losing some weight (although that’s a side benefit), it’s about feeling better immediately after you have practiced. It will give you immediate gratification.

Just by carving out a couple of hours per week to do pre/postnatal yoga, you will see very quickly just how such a simple practice can help cope with the complexity of life. Your worries will start to waver and you will slowly, but surely let go of any overwhelming feelings that tend to burden life. The plus side is you'll be surrounded with women who are undergoing similar life changes.  Tick off some important boxes on the way to your good life with self-care and a great connection with like minded women, while laughing about the fun and fumbles of parenthood.


Here’s how I structure my Pre/Postnatal yoga (a.k.a Yoga Mama) classes:

I like to start with a little meditation to connect to our inner awareness for about five minutes. Then we'll do 10 minutes of breath-work a.k.a Pranayama. For about 20 minutes, we'll do a conscious flow sequence leaving 10 minutes to stretch with a final savasana. Both pre and postnatal mamas are welcome to join my classes. I will give modifications depending on your trimester or just your day's mood. For instance, if you are a mama during pregnancy, yoga can make you feel lighter, less tired and worried whilst preparing your body for a more natural and easy birth. If you are a mama during the postnatal stage, you will focus on reconnecting to your body and calming your mind whilst your uterus returns to its original position.

Pre/postnatal a.k.a Yoga Mama will ease you with equanimity into that endless struggle of being a woman and mother, tied to your work and duty. We all need a soul community to lift us up with love, support and encouragement as we grow together. As an African proverb says, “To go fast go alone, to far go together.”

Evolve your support system and join the Yoga Mama tribe with me. :)

Pre/postnatal yoga, known as BEnatal here at BECYCLE is every Wednesday at 5pm. Click the button below to enroll.


Article written by Anna Giunta