Instructor Insights: Nadine



Nadine is a Natural


Nadine is one of BECYCLE's yoga instructors who teaches her students how to incorporate inner strength and silence into their everyday lives.  Her classes are powerful and will leave you feeling transformed. 

Fit-focused Qs:

What is your go-to breakfast on a busy morning? I usually have coffee and a honey or almond flavored "Seitenbacher Energie Bombe" bar. I am addicted to these bars because they taste like marzipan. They're always sold out, in the supermarket around the corner. So sometimes I hide one or two of them beneath the other bars to make sure they'll still be there at the end of the week. :D 

© Nikk Martin

© Nikk Martin

What's your best strategy to stay motivated? It sounds cheesy, but teaching motivates me. Even when I don’t feel like teaching because I'm really down or exhausted (yes it happens), after class I'm always happy and full of energy, thanks to my students. :) Listening to good and uplifting music also keeps me motivated. Lately, I've been starting my days with Italian music because it has a certain vibe that makes me think of my recent one month stay in Italy. Good times!

The best thing we can do for ourselves after a workout is... drink lots of water and be proud of ourselves and our bodies! 

Is there a special dietary regime you follow? Yes, I recently discovered and implemented intermittent fasting. There are several versions of it, but for me the 16/8 rule works best. That means fasting for 16 hours (during the night, which is easy) and eating two healthy meals during that 8 hours at daytime. At first I thought it would be too hard. But actually, it's pretty much doable if you have dinner at 6 or 7pm, and then a healthy breakfast/brunch at 10 or 11am. This regime helped me "survive" four weeks of pasta and pizza in Italy. :) Following the simple rule of 16/8, you can definitely make sure that the body has time to digest and you fire up your metabolism as well. It also helps to eat clean and healthy. 

What are your top three workouts you do at home? At home I always start my workouts with core work using a Pilates ball (inspired by Shirah’s exercises), followed by some creative versions of sun salutations and balances. I also started running again. My running schedule gets me on the track four times a week (three days for 30 minutes and one for 50 minutes). My goal is to run in a half marathon!

What are your tips to have energy all day? Always try to have a good night's sleep of a solid eight hours. This will keep you going all day for sure. Drinking enough water is also important. I have an app on my phone that reminds me to drink water because I tend to forget. 

What's your favourite motivational quote if any? "Your speed doesn’t matter. Forward is forward!" I have had to learn that the hard way in the past. We always tend to compare ourselves to others and may even envy their success or achievements (or what we consider as that). I strongly believe that if we keep on doing what we do and we do it with passion, as well as really putting in the effort, things will come to us at the right time. 

Quick-fire Qs

Favourite smoothie at My Goodness: Maca Power up because 1. there is coffee in it and 2. it refuels me after a hard RIDE class. 
Best Restaurant in Berlin: "Royals and Rice“ in Mitte.
Best Bar in Berlin: Caravaggi (a new Italian wine bar) at Helmholtzplatz.
Best Place to dance in Berlin: Monbijoux theatre. A bit touristic but very romantic. :)  
Favourite exercise: All versions of planks.
Least favourite exercise: Splits, ouch. :(

Silly Qs:

Dog, cats, neither? Why? I am highly allergic to all kinds of fury animals, which is so sad! :( If I want to have a pet in the future, it can only be a fish or maybe a gecko!
What's your personal theme song? "Unwritten" - Natasha Bedingfield
You're stranded on an island. What's the one thing you'd wish you had and why? If it has to be a thing, I would love to have a notebook and a pen to write down deep thoughts. :)