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get to know BEINTHEKNOW


At the beginning of 2018, my team and I decided it was about time BECYCLE had a blog. Reason being, we could see our community growing quite rapidly since opening 18 months prior.

We knew many of you by name, your weekly workout routines, your personal triumph stories — whether it was completing the Six Week Challenge or finally deciding to cave in and try barre or HIIT for the first time. And we were right, right? You loved it!  Not only did we witness your new-found friendships form and flourish, but also your new yous. The stories were developing in real life — hot off the real-life press — and we thought the online world really ought to know about it. 

Many of you have also expressed that BECYCLE has become your home away from home. So we thought it was time to have a place beyond the walls of the studio that you could call home, too. A place to connect beyond the Ride and Refine rooms. A place to dive deeper into those bits and pieces we hear about your lives on the daily. A place to be in the know with everything fitness, health and fun related happening in and outside the studio.

BEintheknow will be a space for sharing stories, inspiration, events, collaborations and industry knowledge. It will be fueled and fed with content by you, the people that live and breathe BECYCLE and partners who cross our paths that would enjoy sharing inspiration and ideas.

This all said, we welcome your input, feedback, and story ideas as always. Just give us a shout at, and we'll arrange a sit down, chat over coffee, interview or whatever else you need to let your story shine. 

Article written by Gundula Cöllen