Our Favorite Frozen Treats

Summer is here! With the hot summers days of Berlin rolling in, our staff and instructors have decided to share some of their sweet remedies for battling the intense heat. From dairy-free options, to frozen yoghurt, and even real-fruit popsicles, there's a little something for everyone here.


Tribeca ice cream

dark chocolate

RECOMMENDED BY Julia - Studio Manager

Following a plant-based diet, Julia recommends one of her favourite stops for health-oriented ice cream. Tribeca Ice Cream, located on Rykestraße, is a great stop for health conscious customers. The shop is great as they strive to be completely gluten and soy free with their products, leaving anyone who indulges in all their various flavours feeling good about their decision. 

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"All you can top" with blueberries, pomegranate & crunchy pistachio sauce


Micha really loves her froyo! Located in Mitte, Yoli is Berlin's first frozen yogurt store. Yoli's products are made entirely from real yoghurt and contain 0% fat, allowing you to retain the nutritional properties of yoghurt, which include calcium and probiotics. This is a great spot for those of you not essentially health-conscious about satisfying your sweet tooth. However, that does not diminish the fact that it is FREAKING GOOD! Micha highly recommends it for those interested in exploring different frozen treats other than the traditional ice-cream. 


Coure di vetro

Cookie dough


We all know HIIT instructor Sven is focused on his nutrition, but hardly anyone can resist some local Italian ice cream from Coure Di Vetro. Now this does not fit appropriately into Sven's daily nutritional regiment, however, he is definitely on board in having you experience this super delicious ice cream. You can find the shop in Mitte, where you'll have the chance to pick from various flavours, including original Italian and your childhood favourites. Just make sure you come back to Sven's HIIT class so you can get back to work after a cheat day. 

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Moono is ahead of its time. Not only does Moono sell frozen yoghurt, they even give you the opportunity to enjoy a refreshing bubble tea or ice cream too. Between its three locations (two in Charlottenburg, one in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg), Catarina has always enjoyed the matcha options, including matcha lattes, ice cream and cones. No wonder Moono is Catarina's favourite place. The shop adheres to unique options to ensure customer satisfaction. Also, Catarina made note of Tribeca Ice Cream being her favourite place to relish in the vegan ice cream. Some of her favourites consist of pistachio, chocolate lucuma or salted caramel maca.

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Paletas berlin

Mango pops


Who doesn't love a popsicle? Yoga teacher Steph actually prefers them, especially the fresh mango pops from Paletas Berlin. Based in Friedrichshain, this popsicle stand reigns supreme. Made from fresh ingredients and fruits, Paletas creates delectable products without no concentrates, artificial flavouring and all the other hidden components of many branded ice cream and popsicles. Steph's favourite mango pops are the perfect post-yoga treat on a summer's day.

Simple favorites

Some of our instructors aren't as particular in where they get their ice-cream fix, as long as they get their base and can add their own variations to it. For example, David and Paula love pistachio ice-cream. David enjoys adding peanuts, while Paula likes to spice up her ice-cream with a drizzle of caramel. Bradyn is quite fond of affogato, which is essentially vanilla ice-cream, with a shot of expresso. She modifies it by ordering a shot filled with her favorite flavor of ice cream, stracciatella. 

Article written by Ika Morton