Healthy Habits: How To Reset After A Busy Summer

© Nader Ait-Laouad

© Nader Ait-Laouad

Needing some help getting back on track after a busy summer? Keep reading for some holistic advice on healthy living, as shared by yoga teacher and BEaway Ibiza retreat guide Steph.

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  1. Non-negotiable daily health habit? Movement. Usually yoga, sometimes barre or ride or a jog… always aiming for at least 10,000 steps a day and never sitting for longer than a couple of hours at a time (I’m usually itching to move then anyway!)

  2. Food philosophy?

    Eat like you give a damn. And eat your greens. Enjoy your food, chew slowly, eat with friends over good conversations. Cook for the people you love. Food always tastes better when it’s made with love. Practically speaking, my food philosophy is similar to the Blue Zones guidelines (minus the meat).

  3. Favourite recipe to cook right now?

    I’m not usually one to follow recipes (I go off-piste and substitute too many things!) but I love throwing together fresh salads in the summer. My most recent one was baby spinach, baby mangold, rocket, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, cucumber, cashews, with a zingy balsamic and mustard dressing.

  4. Go-to book when you're feeling out of balance?

    The Year Compass - it’s not a book but more a structured self-reflection of the year behind and the year ahead. I flip through it to remind myself of my goals and intentions, or as a gratitude practice for what I have achieved so far.

  5. Favourite place for inspiration?

    Travel adventures! Seeing how others live in different environments. Local markets for the best seasonal produce and food inspiration. The Blue Zones for the best advice on how to live a long and happy life! And The School of Life for the necessary emotional intelligence to navigate ‘adulting’.

  6. Rituals to help you start a new season?

    Tidying up. Several times a year I try and clean my home space Marie Kondo style. They say clutter is the junk food of the home, so clearing out and having everything in its right place is like a detox for the mind.

  7. Detox or not to detox?

    Detox as much as you can sustain. I like to have certain guidelines which I know I can keep up - for example, no alcohol during the week (my tolerance is so low I can’t drink much on the weekend anyway!) These kind of guidelines keep you more balanced in the long-term.

    The best kind of detox is a holistic one, and going on a health retreat after a busy summer is a great reset for the body and mind. Our upcoming BEaway retreat to Ibiza is exactly that - we guide our guests to reconnect with themselves in the most beautiful parts of the world, while eating clean whole foods, getting plenty of movement and deep sleep, as well as limited technology, and conscious intention setting for the year ahead.

  8. Words you live by?

    Be the kind of person you’d want to meet.

Interview by Molly Wilson - studio manager at BECYCLE.