Secrets From A Private Chef

© Olivia Ionescu

© Olivia Ionescu

Ever wondered what a private chef cooks for herself? Or her top tips for better digestion? Keep reading for some holistic advice on healthy eating, as shared by acclaimed private chef Olivia Ionescu - who is in charge of the nourishing wholefood menu at BEaway Ibiza!

Food philosophy: Listen to your body. Not every diet is for your body, observe your body how it reacts to different foods and keep a diary.

Go-to breakfast for energy all day: A breakfast green smoothie or an açai smoothie bowl.

Ideal pre-workout snack: Açai smoothie with tahini and cacao nibs

© Olivia Ionescu

© Olivia Ionescu

Top crowd-pleaser recipe: I personally love breakfast and the smoothie/açai bowls. It’s the ideal start to your day after sports, to have a bowl filled with all kinds of superfoods. But if you like something warm, I love making luke-warm salad style dishes. Orange, pomegranate, mint, brussel sproud salad with optional goat’s cheese.

Favourite local produce of Ibiza: avocados, figs and lemons.

Top 3 superfoods: Cacao, turmeric, spirulina.

Top tips for better digestion: Warm lemon water in the morning, avoid drinking while eating, try fasting 12-16 hours overnight, enjoy exercise, avoid red meat and heavy carbs at night, avoid going to bed with a full stomach and avoid eating late at night.

Interview by Stephanie Cusack - yoga teacher and marketing manager at BECYCLE.

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