Studio spa treats: organic skincare

Susanne Kaufmann

That feeling. The one that makes you forget you're in an old bank vault, drenched in sweat, but rather mid-pamper in a luxurious spa, is thanks to Susanne Kaufmann™ - a unique brand characterized by holistic care of organic treats with a range of more than 60 functional products.

Susanne Kaufmann™ toiletries — from shampoo and conditioner to body soap and lotion — line the showers and sinks at BECYCLE. Their slender, sleek, pearly-taupe bottles are hard to miss. We decided to go all in with Susanne Kaufmann™ because we just love their story!

It all began at Susanne Kaufmann™'s SPA in Hotel Post Bezau in Austria, where they developed all the products from natural ingredients with a team of pharmacists and dermatologists. When you get these pros on board, you know it's quality!

There's much more to the product line than what you get to experience at BECYCLE. In fact, to celebrate their 15 year anniversary, the brand launched their Pollution Skin Defense System.

Why? Because environmental pollution, UV rays and the blue light from computers and phones are a major concern for skin health today. All this leads to the breakage of collagen and elastin molecules. The formation of free radicals, whose aggressive existence is one of the primary causes of skin aging. The new Pollution Skin Defense System by Susanne Kaufmann™ is a skin-saver! It's all about protecting your precious exterior from the aforementioned pollution, renewing the skin system and boosting the body's own repair mechanisms to protect the skin from damage long term.

Travel Pack

If you want to get to know more about the line, we recommend you 1. definitely take a shower post-workout and 2. try out this new Pollution Skin Defense System. 

Want to bring Susanne Kaufmann™ on your next holiday? Then lucky for you, we sell the Susanne Kaufmann™ Travel Kit in studio. Say goodbye to the hassle of toiletry travel packing, filling those small bottles with our beloved beauty products.  They're already TSA friendly, and packed in a clear tiny tote. Because it's true, we should never have to be without essential products to treat ourselves on the go. Grab the Travel Kit Body with the Herbal Treats in the studio for only 21€! Happy travels!

And, in light of Susanne Kaufmann™'s  15 year anniversary we're doing a giveaway*! Follow our instagram for details later this week!  

Article written by Sophie Radtke