Getting to know: Emily

To help you get to know our amazing instructors, we want to share their personal stories. We sat down with RIDE instructor Emily, to find out more about her fitness journey and her secret side hustle in the tech industry! Read Emily’s story below…

© Mason Noteboom

© Mason Noteboom

How did you become a RIDE instructor at BECYCLE? 

I first discovered BECYCLE as a customer.  As a lover of Barre, I was initially attracted to BECYCLE because of all of its REFINE room offerings, but it wasn’t long before I became completely enamored with the cycling classes. For years before I joined BECYCLE I had wanted to become a fitness instructor, but it was the instructors here who inspired me to finally go for it. The instructors at BECYCLE had such a huge impact on me; I had never felt so strong and comfortable in my own skin. They made me think differently about what exercise and wellness could be.  I hoped by becoming a RIDE instructor, I could help others build up their own self-confidence and self-love.

On the more logistical side, I enrolled in a course to be certified as a Group Fitness Instructor. After months of reading and studying, I sat for my exam and passed! Soon after, I began my instructor training with AJ.   

What do you love most about your work? What has been your most memorable moment so far?

Honestly, there are many, many things I love about my work as an instructor, but the thing I love most is having the opportunity to coach my riders to push their limits and see what they’re capable of.  People have such immense power and I’m grateful to have any role in helping them unlock it!

© Mason Noteboom

© Mason Noteboom

My most memorable moment so far was during a class I taught in September, maybe a month after I had started teaching. There wasn’t anything particularly special about the class, but something about the energy of the riders, the music, and a particular drill... it all just fell into place. I remember ending the ride and thinking to myself how lucky I was that being an instructor had turned out to be all I had wanted it to be. I felt like I’d found my path.

Who/what inspires you? Why?

This changes frequently, but I am constantly inspired by all of the women in my family and circle of friends. They are a hardworking, generous, caring, hilarious, and tenacious bunch and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

On a less personal note, I am also incredibly inspired by Jane Fonda. This woman is 81 and is dynamite. The life she has led, and the many acts within it, are utterly remarkable.

© Mihaly Podobni & Katarzyna Skrzypek

© Mihaly Podobni & Katarzyna Skrzypek

Do you have a side hustle besides fitness?

In addition to fitness, I also work as an Employer Branding Consultant on the Recruiting team at the travel tech startup, GetYourGuide. Before I transitioned into fitness, I worked there as a Tech Recruiter, and I was glad becoming an instructor didn’t mean giving up all I had invested there and the relationships I had built. On a day-to-day basis, you can find me running from BECYCLE to GetYourGuide and back again.  

What's your secret wish? Describe your dream life...

Mmm, this is a good question. Something I’ve realized in my own life recently is that having these huge aspirations doesn’t feel dreamy for me, but actually rather daunting. It’s better I focus instead on appreciating what I have. So, I guess my dream life would involve a lot of what I have now, but more of it: more teaching, more travel, more books, more wine, and more time with the people I love.

My secret wish would be to become a performer on Broadway. This is a childhood dream that I can’t quite kick, but I promise it doesn’t mean I’ll start singing into the mic during class.

Interview by Stephanie Cusack