Berlin Yoga Conference - Pop Up #1


Looking to mix up your workout? Then try getting a little more zen in your life with this fun yoga event happening in Berlin! The Berlin Yoga Conference (and its pop ups) is a great way for people of all yoga experience levels to connect with yourself and others in the community! We asked, Anastasia, the brainchild behind the BYC to tell us a bit about what to expect.

What is the Berlin Yoga Conference and why should one attend it?

Berlin Yoga Conference is Berlin’s first-ever event of this type and magnitude, and is going to become an annual tradition and Europe’s hottest 'yoga' thing to do! The idea is to create a space for self-awareness through yoga providing excellent content for learning and inspiration. Through it we invite positive change into people’s lives where transformation becomes possible, all the while creating a community of like-minded individuals who embrace similar values and interests.

Why pop up events? 

The pop up events are to provide a taste for the conference that will take place year later in May 2019. It's quite far away, if you ask a typical Berliner! The hope is to create teasers to spark interest to attend the BYC. There will be three pop ups this year and one more in February 2019. The first, "Meet the Berlin Yoga Conference" is on Saturday, May 12, at Dock 11 in Mitte. These pop ups are full day events with yoga workshops, discussions, presentations, activities, performances, and a meditation sitting. Aside from amazing programming, high-quality yoga mats, meditation pillows, and wholesome vegetarian food, there will be games and surprises too! 

© Anastasia Shevchenko

© Anastasia Shevchenko

What's your story? Why are you so passionate about yoga and bringing it to the masses in Berlin?

I’ve been practicing yoga for the past 15 years and teaching for the past six. I come from the background of yoga for self-healing and self-transformation. Not only have I experienced it myself, but I’ve also seen the ground-breaking results that people achieve through a regular yoga practice and a regular fitness routine. It is my biggest ambition to provide opportunities for more people to come in contact with yoga in its various aspects (physical, psychological, philosophical, spiritual). I would love to embark on this exciting journey with others towards better health, fitness, self-knowledge, the uncovering of one’s creative energies, and life’s potential and purpose.

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Interview by Megan Lillick