BEathlon #2 Recap

We couldn't have asked for a better day to host our second BEathlon. The weather was in our favor, perhaps a gift from Mother Earth, as it was Earth Day after all. In joining forces with partners Runseeing Berlin, Grind&Flow and Racemappr we were able to double the size of our first-ever BEathlon that took place back on November 26th last year.

27 participants rocked up to participate in the challenge of a 20k ride indoors with Joey at BECYCLE, then a scenic 8.7k run with Runseeing Berlin throughout Berlin proper, and ending strong with some tough reps and an active recovery circuit with Alex and Noah at Grind&Flow.

It really was a blast to migrate from one starting point that our community already knows decently well, here at BECYCLE running across our beloved city, to a try out a new place for several of our members, Grind&Flow.

We had girl and guy winners for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, however everyone came home with the prize of completing such a fun, yet tough race.

  • 1st Place: Anni + Jordi

  • 2nd Place: Ricarda + Ben

  • 3rd Place: Julia + Philipp

Above are a just a few snapshots from yesterday's fun! And for all those who missed out, keep an eye out for BEathlon #3 coming this summer/fall.

Thanks to our many sponsors: Nouri, Vitamin Well Deutschland, Your Superfoods, lululemon, TSAMPA and foodspring.

Recap written by Megan Lillick