An Eye on the Mat

When it comes to offering products in our studio we always have our eyes out for brands that inspire a healthy lifestyle. MAATÏ MAATÏ — a brand that offers holistically designed mats, blocks, and yoga accessories — was staring right back at us as the perfect product to bring to the shelves. Founded by Leonie Lepenos, a life-long Berliner, the name MAATÏ MAATÏ literally means “eye, eye” or “two eyes” in Greek.



In Greek culture there is a charm, Maati, that protects you from bad energies. For Leonie, it also stands for focusing on the beauty both externally and internally that life offers. Using the word twice symbolizes the need for two eyes to truly see things clearly.

It took Leonie a little while to get that clear vision. She went from acting, to a business degree, to a marketing job, and struggled to find balance, so she turned to yoga. Through meditation, she was inspired to create a line of holistically designed yoga mats, bags, prayer shawls and accessories. The best part? They donate 10 percent of their revenue to projects like The Ionian Dolphin Project, Elephant Family, and Augen auf Ghana. They’re committed to picking organizations in which you can clearly see where your contributions are going.

“I see the BECYCLE community as soulful trendsetters: open-minded, modern human beings, who believe in the fact that it's a good thing to take care of yourself, your body, and mind. That is essential,” says Leonie. “MAATÏ MAATÏ products spread the happiness, motivate you to enjoy yourself, go to that yoga class, do something good and just enjoy the good life.”

That eye staring back at you on our shelf? It’s likely one of the MAATÏ products! In fact, the image is featured on most of the MAATÏ MAATÏ products — mats, blocks and bags — and inspires you to search for clarity and vision in your life. The products are made from cork and other natural products, so they not only do good, they feel good too!

Take a look next time you’re in for a class!

Article written by Sarah Findle