7 Morning Rituals To Start Your Day Right

Finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning? Need some healthy habits to start your day? If you need a little boost, keep reading for these 7 mindful morning rituals, as shared by BECYCLE yoga teacher Anja Mujic!

Anja: I have always been an early riser, and have over time developed a series of morning routines and rituals that have helped me live in a really clear, focused and authentic way. Don't get me wrong, there are still times where it all goes sour, but that's ok! Life is all about going with the flow after all. However having these practices to return to is really essential for me in staying grounded and on a clear path, carving out a heart-filled life full of intention and purpose. Here are some things I love to do to kick off my day:

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Before you matrix commando roll out of bed in a rushed panic, take a deep breath and ask your self 'what are 3 things that you are super grateful for today?' Practicing gratitude is not just a wishy washy new age idea. Studies show that a daily gratitude practice, no matter how small, actually improves your overall physical and mental health. It's not about being over the top or ignoring the challenges of daily life, it's simply about taking a moment to notice the small things, wherever you are in your journey.

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Ideally, we would allow ourselves to wake naturally, when our body is ready, with the gentle morning sun on our eyelids. In reality, what we can do after we have turned off that final snooze is PUT THE PHONE DOWN. Instead of scrolling through social media and checking emails, do your eyes a favour and allow them to adjust to natural light, giving yourself a vitamin D, melatonin, serotonin and overall mood and energy booster! You can even do this while walking/running to or waiting for the bus/train/uber/coffee.

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3. Oil pull and tongue scrape

Oil pulling and tongue scraping come from the 5000 year old natural healing system originating in Vedic India, Ayurveda. You can slip these rituals into sink time, along with washing your face and brushing your teeth. You can read more about the benefits of oil pulling from our very own founder and CEO Gundula, and to get you started with tongue scraping, here’s a copper version available from LA Cold Press.

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4. KICK-Start your metabolism

Did you know that thirst is one of the final signs of dehydration? And upon waking you would've spent 6-8 hours with no water, right? So before slamming that double espresso, try rehydrating and slowly waking your digestion with a flush of clean, filtered room temperature/warm water. Add some organic lemon for an added Vitamin C immune booster!

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5. Move your body (with uplifting music)

You know that feeling when you wake up and just want to stretch and yawn? That's your fascia (connective tissue) telling you that it also needs rehydration in the form of movement. Only have 5 minutes? No problem! Find your own unique way to give your temple the start it deserves. Maybe it's a RIDE or REFINE workout at BECYCLE or maybe its a pyjama dance party in your bedroom. Either way, make it work for you!

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6. Meditate, BREATHE

This is one of my personal non-negotiables, along with moving my body. Whether I have 30 seconds or ideally 20 minutes, taking the time to sit in stillness and silence, observe your breath and practice allowing the incessant chatter of the mind to float on by. Not only does meditation help me to keep stress and anxiety levels under control, but it also makes things so simple! You know all of those little niggles that nag and gnaw at you all day long? The answer are within! I promise, all you have to do is listen.

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7. Journal

I'm pretty old school in that I still use a good old daily planner diary rather than a google calendar. I make sure to buy one with plenty of blank pages for spontaneous note taking and doodling. Physically jotting down some intentions or focuses for the day, goals or even MIT'S (Most Important Tasks) can be so helpful for shaping really meaningful and productive days, weeks, months, years... life!

So now it's your turn. Have fun with it! Let it flow, try things out, your intuition already knows exactly what you need to set up your best day yet.

Article written by Anja Mujic

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