3 Tips for a Healthier Liver

BECYCLE Founder Gundula recently went for a check up at the doctor, including a comprehensive blood test and Contact Regulation Thermographie (CRT), which concluded that she needed to look after herself more and in particular safeguard her liver. Read her story for some clever tips...

"I don’t drink a lot, perhaps 3-4 glasses of wine a week at the most, but I am often tired and exhausted. A people’s business like BECYCLE can take its toll on you, simply because you always need to be “on”. Little did I know how much this can impact the well-functioning of the liver. The doctor I saw is well known for treating cancer patients and likes to refer to alternatives treatments. He equipped me with three tips for a healthier liver, which I’ve managed to integrate into my daily routines.

1.      Oil pulling

oil pull.PNG

This ancient ayurvedic technique is the best way to detoxify your body, dating back over 1000 years, originating in India. The time between waking up and going to bed is where the most harmful bacteria can enter your organism and this can result in many diseases. The oil swishing technique can help get rid of this bacteria. It not only cleans and whitens your teeth, but it can also help to prevent dis-ease in the body like arthritis, asthma, infections and skin problems, liver and stomach problems, headaches and migraines and throat infections.

A good oil to use is coconut oil, which is easy in its consistency and taste. 

Just take 1-2 tsp and start swishing the oil in your mouth, pressing it under the tongue and through your teeth. You can do this while showering as need to keep the oil inside your mouth for 20 minutes. If you think about it, that's less than half a Ride class ;)

Do not do this longer than 20 minutes and do not gargle it. Spit it into the toilet as coconut oil can block the pipes of your sink if it freezes.

The benefits are endless. You also don’t need any more of those artificial mouth washes, as oil pulling helps any bad breath problems ;)

2.    Liver Wrap

This is a highly effective and simple way to detox. All you need is a hot water bottle and a cold damp cloth. Lie down on your back and apply the cold cloth just beneath your right ribcage where your liver sits. The coldness briefly lowers the temperature and your body's reflexes respond by increasing the blood flow to that area. Then place a really warm water bottle on top to stimulate the autonomic nervous system. You can even fall asleep doing this as it is super relaxing.

3.    Conscious Breathing


For those practicing yoga asana and pranayama, this is nothing new. I was given a book to read by Gay Hendricks on conscious breathing. It contains simple exercises that you can integrate into your daily routine. Often when stress unfolds this can be felt in the stomach area. The best remedy is to take a few minutes to really concentrate on your breathing. Rather than expanding your ribcage, breath into your diaphragm. Take a deep long breath in, letting your belly rise and a deep breath out. Continue this a few times.  

You can do this in the morning and lie on the floor, keeping your knees up. You can then shift your knees from left to right and move your arms along as well, unfolding to one side and back. You can also integrate your breath work into a meditation session. Just think about spending 10 minutes each day focusing on conscious breathing. We will soon run some workshops at BECYCLE on this. Stay tuned!"


Article written by Gundula Cöllen