We Are Water

There are a few big reasons why we don’t sell bottled water at BECYCLE, and it’s not just to help the environment. Water is our livelihood and is involved in every metabolic process in our body. Especially during and after intensive workouts, your body needs high-quality water, which keeps it optimally hydrated.

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That's why we give you a free supply of vitalised water from our Berlin friends at LEOGANT. They custom-designed and created our water fountain, so that you can have an even better supply of H20.

What makes our water special?

The water is filtered with a holistic filter system, and is free of plasticisers, hormones, microplastics and other residues from the water pipes or agriculture and industry. Minerals and trace elements remain contained in the water, so the water keeps its natural taste.

The special feature is that the water is then swirled and vitalised. This gives it back its original, vibrant spring water quality. Our water tastes soft and fresh and is the same quality as premium bottled water from organic stores. What we like best, is that all the water treatment works without electricity or chemicals and the filter is made from coconut shells, a renewable raw material.


the environmental impacT

Together with LEOGANT, we want to reduce the number of plastic bottles bought and wasted in Berlin, which is why we also sell a range of eco-friendly stainless steel and glass bottles in our store. Thanks to our water fountain, we save around 11 tons of CO2 and 55,000 bottles of waste every year.

So please leave bottled water on the shelf! At the studio, you can have better quality hydration while also helping the environment. Just bring a refillable bottle or buy one in the studio, and top up before and after class.


Some of you may have heard, we recently added an update to our showers, so you now get to enjoy filtered water whilst washing your hair. It makes a huge difference and leaves your hair feeling smoother and looking healthier, as the harsh Berlin limestone is filtered out!

how to Hydrate

Not sure when or how much you should be drinking? Use this hydration calculator as a guide to daily water intake, and read our article on when you should hydrate while exercising.

So… stay hydrated, stay energised, reduce plastic. Be water my friend.

Article written by Thomas Hartwig and Stephanie Cusack