Tonia's 6 Week Challenge

Our much-loved 6 Week Challenge is the greatest way to get hooked on healthy habits and enjoy the full BECYCLE experience. It includes 6 weeks of unlimited classes, and you can get 99€ back if you come 22 times! We sat down with one of our members Tonia, to find out about her challenge and what surprised her along the way…

© Irina Sterna

© Irina Sterna

Name: Tonia Brow Brauer

Challenge completed: November 2018

How many classes did you complete?
I actually finished 32 classes! The move to Berlin had been long & stressful so getting back into a healthy routine was necessary for my peace of mind. I was up for the challenge.

What made you sign up?
I LOVED my Barre class & instructor in California and was so excited when I learned BECYCLE offered the class. The challenge seemed the perfect way to get to know the different classes & instructors. And like I mentioned. I love to challenge myself.

What was your favourite class and why?
Barre!! It makes me feel so strong and graceful. I love how it changes the look of my body.

What did you learn about yourself during the challenge? 
That I can get out of bed early almost every morning if I have a goal! 

How did you feel afterwards?
So proud of myself. I wanted to tell everyone.

Any advice for future 6 Week Challengers?
Absolutely sign up! Take the challenge seriously & make it your goal to come every day. When you crush your goal you will be stronger, fitter and have established new healthy habits! 

Interview by Stephanie Cusack.