Staying in Shape on the Go

Check out what we think are Europe's most jetsetter-friendly fitness studios.

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So you ditched the desk job, decided to go on a sabbatical, or bagged that remote job with the ultimate travel perks. You’re finally free from the nine-to-five. And while this freedom certainly means you’re living your best life, giving up that traditional job for remote work or the nomadic life means adapting your fitness regime to your new lifestyle. Suddenly those gyms with legally binding contracts for 12 months feel like such a waste when you never know where you might be from one week to the next.

Well lucky for you, now you can say hello to a new crop of fitness studios that accommodate drop-in customers, short-term memberships, and one-time workouts. They’re ideal for the modern nomad or travelling professional who doesn’t want to be locked into regular gym memberships.

Here’s our pick of six of Europe’s most stylish, jetsetter-friendly fitness studios:

BECYCLE, Berlin (well, duh...)

 BECYCLE Berlin | © Mike Fuchs

A hybrid fitness studio, health-food cafe, and chic coworking space, BECYCLE has fostered somewhat of a cult following in the last 18 months since its inception. A vibrant mix of young professionals, creative business types and expats looking for a taste of ‘home’ make up the clientele of this boutique studio that specialises in cycle classes, HIIT and barre, perfect for full body workouts and a selection of different yoga sessions to balance it out. What makes BECYCLE unique is its emphasis on its choice of music, with instructors who are often DJs themselves playing beats that match the pace of their ride. Mellow electronic sounds play throughout the lounge area which makes for a conducive workspace as you enjoy their delicious plant-based selection of healthy food and drinks after your workout.

Myleo CrossFit, Berlin

 © myleo

Starting a CrossFit regime can seem daunting, but myleo's dedicated coaches provide fun and interesting programs for the experienced Crossfitter as well as special classes for beginners. They’ve cultivated a community that trains in small groups and offers individual coaching that adapts to each person’s needs. No two classes are the same and you can be sure there will be no monotony. Every second counts in the box, with each session designed to improve speed, strength, condition and coordination while combining weightlifting, gymnastics and endurance movements. It's not just about the workouts; their super stylish warehouse makes you enjoy training even more.

Core Collective, London

 © Core Collective

This stylish, contemporary studio in Kensington offers a number of different classes, all of which you can attend on a pay-as-you-go basis. Whether it be Power Yoga, cycle or their signature class, Circuit 55, you will be sure to feel the burn across your body to some great tunes. A new addition is Row, utilising rowing interval training and kettlebell moves to fire up the metabolism like no other. After enjoying the great facilities, head upstairs to their new Core Kitchen to indulge in some well-deserved cocktails and sample some scrumptious, healthy treats from their menu. Snacks include rare steak with a coconut horseradish, soft cheese stuffed mini peppers, polenta cake and chargrilled broccoli with an amazing miso glaze.

Barry's Bootcamp, London & Zurich

 © Barry's Bootcamp

Known as the best workout in the world, Barry's is a strength and cardio interval fitness experience that provides an immersive, high-intensity, one-hour workout. With studios across the US and Europe and quickly expanding into new territories, Barry’s flexible non-contractual membership is the perfect one-stop shop for all your cardio training needs. Their sessions last for an hour where you’ll burn up to 1000 calories, dividing your time between treadmill runs and floor work. And what makes Barry’s such a unique experience is how they are able to train a different muscle group each day of the week, ideal for efficient recovery times. And don’t forget to grab one of their famous shakes at the Fuel Bar, who have somehow managed to make protein shakes taste delicious.

Dynamo, Paris

 © Dynamo

Having recently merged with Let’s Ride Paris, this new ensemble boasts studios in the 2nd, 8th, 9th and 11th arrondissements. With an elegant interior, a relaxing atmosphere and refined design; every detail is designed to make you feel your best. Their classes are led by charismatic instructors coming from various backgrounds (ballet dancing, yoga) so this is an ideal full body workout using the rhythm that improves your endurance and shapes your body while connecting body and mind.

ROCYCLE Studios, Amsterdam

 © Rocycle

For those at ROCYCLE, movement is a way of life. Positioning themselves as the ultimate health station, they aim to keep you healthy, happy, and energised. Born out of the desire for a killer workout, ROCYCLE blurs the line between partying and exercising. Located in the heart of Amsterdam, their classes run all day long – from sunrise to after sundown – 7 days a week. They guarantee that an hour in their studio will make you feel revitalized and ready to take on anything. First time riders are offered a special price of 8 Euros which includes cycling shoes, towels and Zenology care products.


Article written by Ai Ling Walker