Ride the Road: Columbia

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I had the pleasure of attending the viewing of CocoraVelo, an episode in a docu-series called All The Places. It's because Zack Helminiak, the series creator and main protagonist, stopped by BECYCLE a few days before the viewing party to promote it. Upon hearing about it, I marked it in my calendar so I wouldn't miss out. Coffee, craft beer, a film about bike-packing through Columbia and a chance to chummy up with the folks at Rapha, what more could you ask for?

About All The Places + CocoraVelo: All The Places is a travel film series exploring our relationship with food, culture, sport and the environment. Each bike-packing trip maps out a new travel route through a region of global significance – whether it produces coffee, whiskey, music, tea, apparel, world class athletes, palm oil, or centenarians. Colombia is world class in two things, coffee and cycling, so in episode one, CocoraVelo, we look at these two important and very well-acquainted industries and as they converge in a symbiosis unlike anywhere else in the world. This is the Napa Valley of coffee.

Article written by Megan Lillick
Source: All The Places
Film created by Zack Helminiak / Directed by Warren Kommers / Executive Producers: Zack Helminiak and Warren Kommers Music by Dry Bread, and Play+Record Copyright All The Places 2018 All Rights Reserved.