Ride & Revive x BEaway Mallorca Recap

5 days, 450 miles, 12 cyclists, and endless memories

Photo Credits: Andreas Kaufmann, Edward Jackson, Andreas Schneider, Kiersten Geiger, Murray Swanson, Andreas Schwemmer, Steph Cusack, Veronika Bjarsch

When most people envision a proper holiday, they count the mimosas and extra minutes of sleep they will be enjoying, not the miles they will cover. Not the case for a group of 12 ambitious adventurers who spent five days riding the roads of Mallorca, while still taking time for some rest and relaxation. The Ride & Revive x BEaway Retreat welcomed studio regulars and new friends to a finca in the heart of Mallorca. Attendees ranged from beginner (some had never even clipped into pedals before!) to experienced road bikers.

Each day the team set out and broke into groups based on experience. Over the course of the week they covered up to 450 total kilometers riding through the plains, mountains and along the coast. There were challenges for all levels - from learning gear changes and cycling posture, to continuously ascending and descending at an average of 3,000m elevation per day. The sweet reward at the end of each day was a stop at a local cafe and usually a jump into the pool! Yoga sessions helped the team to revive their muscles and rest their minds with yin and active meditation.

Outside of sports, the team had fun visiting a local market and sharing dinner with pro cyclist Orla Walsh, who moved her team from Ireland and today calls the Mallorquin roads home.  

A special thanks to Veronika, Steph, and Damien who made our first Ride & Revive x BEaway Retreat a huge success!

Here are a few reflections from team members following the trip:

“This was a life changing experience in my life. I will always remember it as one of the best holidays of all time.” --Eddy Jackson

“It was a balanced & enjoyable mix of riding/relating/relaxing in a beautiful location in Mallorca. I really enjoyed our day out in Palma.” --Murray Swanson

"Truth is, not withstanding a few city biking trips, I hadn't been on a bike in years and never on a road bike. Nervous as I was and after a few scrapes and bruises, I found it was just the challenge I had been searching for. Veronika and team put on an incredible retreat with the perfect mix of sport, relaxation, good food, gorgeous views and thoughtfully planned out itineraries. But most of all, and in the true spirit of BECYCLE, it was the amazing mix of people from all types of backgrounds who were there, that really made this retreat amazing.  Our little sporty family cheered each other on when we needed encouragement, toasted each other for our accomplishments and of course, shared endless laughs. I absolutely can not wait for the next retreat and I would highly recommend it to anyone.” --Kiersten Geiger

“As a road cycling beginner, I was very nervous about attending the Ride and Revive retreat.  But with the support and guidance of Veronika, Damian, and the rest of the team, I was able to achieve things that I never thought I would be able to!  I was looking for some inner peace with this retreat, and cruising through the beautiful Mallorca landscapes on my bike really gave me the refreshed spirit that I needed.  The yin yoga each evening helped to ease the tightness that came from using new muscle groups and served as a mediation to quiet my mind. Looking forward to the next retreat!” --Jillian Bordeaux

Do you want in on the next retreat?! Stay tuned, as we have a weekend trip planned for early this summer out in the Brandenburg countryside, and a repeat of the Ride & Revive experience, maybe in a new location, in the works!

A special shout out to the sponsors of our retreat:

  • Nike Berlin - Provided yoga mats

  • Isadora Apparel - The slovakian technical cycling apparel brand provided us with bags and some cool cyclings camp (btw they also produced the Becycle Velothon Jersey)

  • Heinrich Barth - A Berlin based all-natural ingredient cosmetic line provided us with skin care and some really strong sunscreen.

  • MyHy - A Brandenburg based biocosmetic company provided us with their hyaluron anti aging set which moisturizes the skin in an amazing way

  • Tsampa - Tsampa are vegan Berlin energy bar company and they provided us with the needed nutrition on the bike

  • Greenic & Your Superfoods - Provided us with organic superfood powders, which enriched our daily smoothies (by smoothie expert Steph) and prepared for the challenges on the bike

  • Frau Tonis - Provided us with some samples of their exquisitely crafted perfumes

  • Jabon de Mallorca - Joachim Pourque produces soap solely out of the amazing and natural ingredients that the island makes available (such as olive oil, almond and citrus fruits). He equipped our home with his products.

Article written by Sarah Findle