In a Crunch For a Card?

We’ve got you covered (envelope and all).

Have you ever been to the studio, then suddenly remembered a colleague or friend’s birthday? Even worse, if it’s the person currently relaxing (it is their birthday after all!) in savasana right next to you on the mat. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with plenty of card ops!

Fleur d’ Iris stationery is one of these great options and currently featured at the front desk. A customer and true fan of our barre classes, Iris Olschewski, is the founder of the eponymous company and has custom illustrated unique cards featuring yoga, barre and HIIT characters looking more chic than I could ever hope to look mid-sweat session. They’re perfect for birthdays, thank yous, congratulations or those ‘just because’ times.


Iris started her career in the fashion design and illustration industry working for ELLE, finding her real passion in creating  illustrations, and eventually cards, for friends on the side. She soon realised she could make a business out of said passion (life.goals.) and founded her company in 2016. She still does illustrations for ELLE, Glamour, Vogue, Bunte and other fashion clients. In fact, most recently she collaborated with Estee Lauder for the packaging of their night repair serum. Find it on shelves across Berlin in June!

Aside from the cards exclusively designed for BECYCLE, Iris offers ones for all occasions, including custom initial designs. They’re available on her site, and at several stores around Berlin as well.

Want to make your card extra special?! Inside, include a gift certificate for some BECYCLE classes! Just ask us at the front desk, and we’ll get you set you up for the best card gift ever. Because let’s face it, a Facebook message doesn’t mean as much as a tangible, handmade card - one that can be forever saved on the mantle or refrigerator. :)

Love these emoticons as much as we do? Stay tuned as they'll be appearing on our athleisure shelf soon by way of jumpers (or sweatshifts as we call 'em in the states).

Article written by Sarah Findle