Getting to know: Katherine

To help you get to know our amazing instructors, we want to share their personal stories. Want to find out how LA-native Katherine went from quiet student to spotlight fitness instructor? Read Katherine’s story below…

© Chloe Orefice

© Chloe Orefice

1. When did you discover your passion for Barre, and what made you choose to become an instructor?

I discovered Barre by way of Pilates. I was already an instructor when I noticed that other trainers at the studio I was taking and teaching classes at were splicing bits of ballet conditioning into their reformer classes. I do not have a background in dance so these movements were completely new to me. I loved the precision and elegance of the exercises these other trainers were teaching so I started taking studio Barre classes to see what else I was missing out on. What most caught my attention was how targeted and specific all the movements were. I loved how challenging it was to complete a set of seemingly simple movements with flawless form.

2. What keeps you motivated to get up for those early morning classes?

This is SO not an issue for me! I’m definitely a morning person, and I love the feeling of getting my workout done early in the day. It makes a huge difference in how I feel, so I’m happy to teach morning classes and pay that feeling forward.

3. Who was your biggest supporter when it came to becoming a fitness instructor?

I had an amazingly supportive Pilates instructor who was solely responsible for opening my eyes to the possibility of becoming a teacher. I had been a student at her studio for a while when she asked if I had ever considered teaching. In the moment I kind of laughed it off, but then couldn’t get the idea out of my head! It felt scary at first, especially since I’m such an introvert, but every time I reached a part of the process that felt impossible, my instructor made sure I wouldn’t be deterred. It was like having a personal cheerleader! I would never have made it through the training process without her support.

© Chloe Orefice

© Chloe Orefice

4. What brought you to Berlin, and specifically BECYCLE?

My husband grew up in West Berlin. We met in LA, and hadn’t really considered leaving until our daughter was born. We moved here knowing it would be a better environment for our growing family. We’ve been here three years and thus far I can confirm that it was the right choice! I found BECYCLE about six months after our move. I had mostly focused my search for a fitness home on Pilates studios, but hadn’t found the right fit. I quite literally googled “boutique fitness Berlin” and found BECYCLE right away. I came in to take a Barre class and knew instantly it was what my life here had been missing. I left that day with an audition scheduled to join the team :)

5. What can people expect from the upcoming Barre teacher training at BECYCLE?

I think one thing that makes the Barre program at BECYCLE so interesting is that sense of autonomy and individuality that each trainer brings. The formatting isn’t as rigid as other methods with high levels of international recognition. We’re really excited about giving trainees the tools to be able to teach a safe and effective workout in a more creative context. I think intimidation sometimes gets in the way of people realizing they could be a really great trainer. I used to think “well, I could never teach a class as masterfully as my favorite teacher,” but the farther along I got in the training process, I realized that that wasn’t the point. I discovered that I don’t need to teach like anybody but the best, most authentic version of myself! My hope is that people going through our Barre training will be able to look at the ways that they move and learn and be able to translate that into a teaching style that is uniquely theirs.

If you’re interested in our Barre teacher training in September, find out more info and register your interest here.

Interview by Stephanie Cusack - marketing/events manager and yoga teacher at BECYCLE.