Ayurveda: How It Transformed Our Lives

© Jake Paul White

© Jake Paul White

On August 24 & 25, we are hosting an Immersion into Ayurveda, led by Amanda Noga and Marc Laws. To give you a taste of what’s involved in their workshops, we sat down with Amanda and Marc to find out more about Ayurveda, and why they believe it’s so powerful. Could it even change your DNA? Keep reading to find out…

1. What is Ayurveda and how did you discover it?

Amanda: I first discovered Ayurveda after 2 years of being a strict raw vegan. On a trip to India I planned to do a Panchakarma ( a 40-day Ayurveda detox) and the effect was so life changing I had to no more. Over the last 10 years I have been studying the arts and science of Ayurveda & Yoga and its transformational power.

Marc: ask me about my genetics test…

2. What are doshas, and how can you find out your unique dosha?

Your dosha is your unique body-mind type. Through understanding your dosha you learn how to adapt your diet, Yoga practise, and self-care to feel your best. To find out your unique dosha use this quiz.

3. How has Ayurveda changed your life?

Amanda: In every possible way.

Marc: It gave me a clear blueprint and language to navigate the layer of Being Me.

© Jake Paul White

© Jake Paul White

4. What’s the most interesting benefit(s) you’ve discovered through Ayurveda?

Amanda: How to modify my schedule and yoga practice according to the seasons and my mental cycle.

Marc: Benefits for me that were immediate were diet and sleeping pattern. Literally changing my genes. As a teacher the importance of students knowing how to adapt their Yoga practice (Man versus Woman).

5. What can people expect from your upcoming workshops at BECYCLE this weekend?

Each day will include a movement and breath practice. Day 1 will be focused on discovering your individual dosha and understanding the relevant dietary and lifestyle tweaks. Day 2 we will hone in on syncing your schedule to the natural cycles… Sleep and intimacy.

Curious to attend the Immersion into Ayurveda workshops? Book here.

Interview by Stephanie Cusack - marketing/events manager and yoga teacher at BECYCLE.