BOOST Your Workout

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Have you ever dragged yourself to the studio in spite of feeling tired? Have your muscles ever ached after an especially tough HIIT class? The good news is that there is a natural solution to all these workout woes!

BECYCLE have partnered with herbal health company NOURI to create a gift pack designed especially for all you fitness fiends out there! Maybe you have already tried the NOURI products, which are sold at the front desk? NOURI specialises in 100% natural herbal shots. Their BOOST shot is the perfect workout companion; naturally energizing, less than 20 calories and flavoured with delicious lemon & ginger.

The brand new NOURI x BECYCLE fitness pack is a co branded product giving you the best of both worlds - herbal health and fitness. Each pack contains:

  • 12 BOOST shots
  • 1 gift certificate for a BECYCLE class (worth 23€!)
  • 1 sweatband
  • 1 workout playlist curated by DJ & BECYCLE trainer AJ who is famous for his sweaty, energetic and high calorie burning workouts

We asked NOURI’s founder and BECYCLE regular Danielle Sheridan about how these little energy elixirs work. “NOURI BOOST contains Maca which is a root from Peru, and Guarana which is a naturally caffeinated berry from Brazil" said Danielle. “I like to drink mine ice cold about 20 minutes before a workout. Especially before 7am spin class with AJ!”

The fitness packs are available for sale at the front desk. You can learn more about NOURI via their website.