A Sydney Girl's Guide to the Best Coffee in Berlin - Part One

A guide to Berlin’s best brews, as told by our latte-loving BECYCLE team member, Anja Mujic.

“Coming from Sydney, I feel that a good brunch really is my birth right, and the first thing I do when I get to any new city is Google “Australian Cafes in (insert city)”… Boy did Berlin deliver! Apart from our very own My Goodness, here is a list of my favourite places to grab a cheeky oat flat white and smashed avo on rye:




Münzstraße 21 - 1. Hof, 10178 Berlin

This is my absolute personal favourite! Tucked away in the heart of Mitte, you need to get in early and get in quick to snag one of the gorgeous outdoor courtyard tables as well as any of the freshly made baguettes and pastries, which are pretty much always sold out before 11!

With a core focus on homey hospitality, a seasonal menu, an in house coffee roast and a killer smashed avo, this is the perfect place to get some work done during the weekday and relax with loved ones on the weekend.

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Brunnenstraße 45, 10115 Berlin

Call me crazy, but any café with hipster looking wooden boxes always seems to do a mean coffee as well. Hermann Eicke is no exception. Just a few doors up from BECYCLE, this one is my go to for both the epic range of healthy breakfasts and the gorgeous family of plants that make the space super comfortable and cosy. The buckwheat porridge and smashed avo with sweet potato hummus are my highlights!

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Rosenthaler Straße 1, 10119 Berlin

Don’t be deterred by the fact that Common Ground is right underneath a hotel. Another member of the Fjord Coffee Roasters family, the baristas mean serious business, as do the chefs. The scrambled egg concoctions and french toast with a twist are a must for a swing by brekky or brunch that doesn’t end until 16:30! Score!

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Auguststraße 50, 10119 Berlin

Ever feel like a 3pm Kaffee und Kuchen? The gluten free brownies at Milch Halle are exceptional, as is their coffee! They also sell the brownie in bite-sized quarters for 1 euro giving you just enough satisfaction with zero guilt.

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Schönhauser Allee 8 & Auguststraße 58, 10119 Berlin

Whether it’s the cosy one on Augustraße or the institution on Schöhauser Allee, this is a place for those serious about their beans. Come in for a coffee, or maybe a workshop – they range from how to roast, to latte art and even sensory analysis! Or just take some fresh, light roasted beans and equipment home to enjoy. This is your one stop coffee connoisseur shop and the possibilities are endless!

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Bergstraße 68, 10115 Berlin

Be prepared to queue for this industrial chic Mitte hang. (Expert Tip: go alone and they will always slip you in ahead of the line!) With a combination of coffee using beans from three of my most beloved cities – The Barn Berlin, Belleville Paris, Ozone London, as well as a gorgeous selection of herbal teas and breakfast plates, this is an absolute must do.

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Ackerstraße 173, 10115 Berlin

Think of this one as The Barn’s little sister. Beans/equipment/tools to stay and to go.

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Stargarder Straße 55a, 10437 Berlin

This is a new one that a fellow BECYCLEr recommended for me to try last weekend and boy was I impressed. Not only was the coffee smooth, velvety and delicious, but the house made guacamole on toast was really something else. On the corner of a typically gorgeous Prenzlauer Berg street, the outdoor seating is a weekend bruncher’s dream come true.

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Oderberger Straße 35, 10435 Berlin
& Adalberstraße 70 10999 Berlin

I find this one interesting because the two different locations have such different and unique energies. The Prenzlauer Berg location is cosy and cool with lines out the door and communal outdoor seating – the perfect pit stop after a Sunday exploring Mauerpark. While the Kreuzberg location feels more like a hidden coffee garden oasis! In any case make sure to try the delicious beans in store and at home.

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Eisenbahnstraße 42/43, 10997 Berlin

When I first arrived in Berlin this was my locale and even though I have moved to the other side of town I still regularly make an early morning trip for the 'out of this world' chocolate croissants which sell out by 10!

I do prefer this place for take away as the food options are minimal however the coffee is on another level and the outdoor seating immersed in the weekend hustle and bustle of the adjoining Markethalle Neun is rather lovely for some chilled out people watching.

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Reichenberger Straße 101, 10999 Berlin

Vegan Banana-Peanut-Chocolate Loaf. Need I say more? The kings of Kaffee und Kuchen really take the kuchen to another level! I hear that people come far and wide for the cheesecake which I have yet to try.

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Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39-40, 10999 Berlin

Epic coffee and LA Cold Press juices. Enough said.

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Oranienstraße 24, 10997 Berlin

Think Soho House’s The Store, but In Kreuzberg. Not the warmest space to hang out in but really great coffee by some The Barn alumni.

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So there you have it! And when you’re done, keep an eye out for some more recommendations, coming up in Best Coffee in Berlin - Part 2.”

Article written by Anja Mujic, BECYCLE team member