3 Health Benefits of Tea

Ever wondered whether tea is good for you? More than just a soothing drink, there are actually several health benefits to sipping these herbal concoctions. In the lead up to our Yoga and Tea Meditation workshop this Saturday, we thought it fitting to learn a little more about tea. So we asked specialty tea expert Anne Pawlak to shed some light on the health benefits of tea…

Anne: Sometimes I ask people to join me for tea whom I have only just met. A tea session can last for hours. By the time we have finished, we've somehow grown closer. Some the best friendships in my life have started this way. I truly believe that tea has powers beyond its nutritional value, the power to create connections with oneself and with others.

© Jerome Warburton

© Jerome Warburton


The story of tea began in China, when Buddhist monks used tea to aid their long meditation sessions.

Tea contains caffeine to create alertness and theanine which stimulates alpha brain waves responsible for relaxation.


For Tibetans tea is a nutritional staple of their every day diet because fruit and vegetables are not as readily available. Tea is a nutrient-packed superfood containing vitamins (folic acid, carotene, vitamin B6 and B1) and minerals (fluorine, manganese, potassium) essential for maintaining good health. However, there are many different teas (black, green, white, oolong) which all interact differently within our bodies.

© Jerome Warburton

© Jerome Warburton


Tea is a brilliant digestive aid. It contains properties which stimulate circulation (caffeine), release of energy from fat and carbohydrates (panthothenic acid and B1) and increase the activity of pepsin the digestive enzyme (polyphenols) in our bodies.

About Anne
Anne is a tea specialist and mindfulness coach from Berlin who focus teaches mindfulness through the way of tea. She has recently returned from her travels in Japan where she studied Japanese tea ceremony and the process involved cultivating, growing and producing tea. You can find out more about tea events and classes in Berlin by following her on Instagram 
@fortunes_exploits or checking out her blog www.fortunesexploits.com.