What is LIIT and why do I need it?

LIIT stands for low intensity interval training and is a safe and very effective way to build long term muscle and burn fat. The repetitions and bursts of low impact exercise strengthen targeted muscles and enhance your overall cardiovascular fitness.

© Nomadic by Choice

© Nomadic by Choice

3 Ways LIIT Workouts improve your overall health

  1. Strength & Endurance. LIIT workouts target all muscle groups and increase strength and stamina through the countless repetitions.

  2. Posture. The ballet-inspired moves during Barre focus on lengthening the spine, elongating muscles and opening up the chest. The exercises will correct your posture and you can still reap the benefits after class.

  3. Flexibility. All those deep stretches during yoga greatly increase elasticity in your muscles and connective tissues.

  4. Mind Body Awareness. Low intensity training helps you stay balanced and in tune with your body and mind. Focusing on your breath, working the tiny muscles, holding challenging poses and stretching all help to de-stress the body and relax your mind.

LIIT classes such as Barre and Yoga are a great way to improve your flexibility, increase your core strength and improve your posture.

Research shows that too much HIIT can negatively impact your health, such as depleting the adrenals and spiking the stress hormone cortisol. This can cause fatigue and a compromised immune system, which can lead to injury.  

© Alexander Heinl

© Alexander Heinl

So if you’re workouts are only HIIT… try and balance things out with a few LIIT sessions too! Add some Barre and Yoga to your schedule and let us know how you feel.

Article by Avelina de Ment