What I eat in a day: Isabelle

Isabelle Reuss is the founder & CEO of My Goodness, the incredible cafe right next to BECYCLE. It’s our favourite place to refuel after a workout, with their signature smoothie bowls, daily lunch specials and delicious energy balls.

@ Yogawithsteph

@ Yogawithsteph

We sat down with Isabelle to find out what she eats in a day, as well as her tips for nutrition pre-and-post workout, and why she just eats “real food”.

 What do you typically eat in a day?

I start my day always with a tea of some sort, it's usually hot water with fresh lemon or ginger, sometimes a green tea, and normally a big glass of water first thing in the morning.

Then I always have a good breakfast. I have been eating our overnights oats that we serve at My Goodness almost every day since we opened. Mixed with our granola, apple and plum compote and peanut butter. It always fills me up and gives me the energy I need for the day ahead.

Lunchtime is generally pretty busy for us so I have a late lunch around - 4 and I have our mix so a combination of vegetables, grains and pulses. It's always changing but I try and get in as many vegetables as possible. Lots of colours and a wide range ensures I get in all my nutrients, it's always a pretty good size portion too.

© My Goodness

© My Goodness

My dinner is always light. Hummus and salad, or a smoothie with some healthy fats like our Be Smooth to keep me full. Snack wise I love something sweet in the afternoon, all about our energy balls or a matcha latte with Oat milk.

What do you recommend as a pre-/post workout meal?

Smoothies all the way... they are easier for your body to process as the blending has started the break down process so your body can get the maximum nutrition without spending much energy. Boosted with a little protein to help rebuild. Always need to refuel after a work out. 

Based on your knowledge in nutrition, what do you try to incorporate into your diet every day?

Wide variety! Lots of colours, lots of different vegetables, grains and pulses. And hydrate! Drink lots of water. 

© My Goodness

© My Goodness

How do you come up with the recipes for My Goodness?

I first look at what's currently seasonal and available, then go from there. I'm always trying to incorporate new and interesting elements into our menu and of course as nutrient dense and filling as possible. It has to be nutritious and delicious. I find inspiration everywhere then make it work for us and our style... Always learning!

Do you follow a specific diet?

I don't put a label on the way I eat, I know what works well for my body and what leaves me feeling good and full of energy so I follow that. I just say eat real food. I'm all about fresh, organic whole foods that can be transformed into delicious meals.


Interview by Avelina de Ment