The Perfect Bike Setup

So you say you're new to indoor cycling. Maybe you're an avid road cyclists and finally decided to check out what this whole indoor thing is about. Perhaps you've never taken a seat on a bike whatsoever in your life. 

Or maybe you're a BECYCLE regular rider and you secretly don't know whether or not you know your optimal bike settings.

Well good news, because whoever you are or whatever your indoor cycling experience may be, this quick video is just the tutorial you need. You will learn exactly how to set up your bike to your optimal settings to have the safest and most effective RIDEs with us.

In just 1 minute and 22 seconds you'll be a pro with clipping in* on your first or next class with us. 

*Don't know what 'clipping in' means? Then more reason to watch this!

Article by Megan Lillick / Video by Megan Lillick + Joseph Till