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At BECYCLE we ride to the rhythm supported by the stats that are displayed on the consoles of our Stages bikes. Most instructors cue using the RPMs (revolutions per minute). Sometimes they also refer to the watts appearing at the top of the consoles. Or if you like to take a step further, you can download the Stages Flight App here.

This will allow you to ride in different power zones (see graphic below) according to your own functional threshold power (FTP). Your personal FTP can be determined by taking an FTP test, which we run frequently at BECYCLE.

Once you know your FTP you can ride with what they refer to as your Sweet Spot.

What's a Sweet Spot?

A “Sweet Spot” occurs at 83 to 97 percent of your FTP. Riding here can help improve the aerobic, steady state efforts that characterise your FTP. Sweet Spot gets its name because it is a balanced amount of intensity and volume. You can achieve more positive physiological adaptations than if you were to ride harder at a Zone 4/threshold. Riding below your FTP is a more repeatable workout and won’t take quite as much out of you. 

The 7 Power Zones

The 7 Power Zones

How does the App connect?

Once you have downloaded the app, you need to take your phone with you to class. Ask the instructor for a little plastic 'sticky' square that you can put on the console so your phone doesn't slide. Make sure that you do not turn the console on and turn your wireless off! This is important as the phone, console and crank arm all interact via bluetooth. Check the ANT number displayed on the left crank arm and start pedaling. Your app will show a number of bikes, connect to the bike you are on and press start. All data will be stored in your personal Stages Flight account here. 

If you have any questions about this, please talk to us at reception. 

For more reading about this, please refer to this page.

Article written by Gundula Cöllen

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