BECYCLE besties


A tale of sweat and sisterhood: curly girls Anni and Katie (known around BECYCLE as the curly haired couple) met in an intense HIIT/BE60 class doubleheader less than a year ago, and they’ve been besties ever since. Empowered by one another’s ambition, energy, and spirit on and off their bikes, these two = major friendship goals. Read on for their origin story.

Introduced to one another by AJ (thanks, AJ!), Anni and Katie started chatting after BE60. Anni describes that initial conversation as “so enriching!”. At the time, Anni’s work was her main focus. She went to BECYCLE to blow off steam and preserve her sanity – not to meet her best friend. But she and Katie set a date to meet in class the next day, and the next… and that was the start of Anni and Katie.

The bracelet that gave Anni the opportunity to experience the same Hawaiian spirit as Katie did. 

The bracelet that gave Anni the opportunity to experience the same Hawaiian spirit as Katie did. 

After their second class and a My Goodness smoothie date, Katie, an avid backpacker, lent Anni a backpack for her upcoming business trip to Hawaii. The two bonded over Hawaii in a big way: When Katie had visited Hawaii previously, the beautiful light and natural beauty there completely astounded her. “The spirit and the life there, it is just different,” she says. Anni knew to look out for this purported magic in Hawaii because of Katie, meanwhile traveling to Hawaii was a dream realized for Anni, too. The new friends texted the entire time Anni was away and before she came back to Berlin, Anni participated in the Hawaiian tradition of giving something back to the ocean: a bracelet. The pair bonded over both having had this mystical Hawaiian experience, so what started as a coincidental class companion relationship has evolved into true sisterhood.




Upon Anni’s return, these BECYCLE besties continued to deepen their friendship, with wine nights, more BECYCLE classes (“We could have met (for) coffee… but instead we met to do sports together.”), weekend trips… the two were even approached by an artist painting a series on strong women. Now they each have a portrait, proving that powerful women empower each other.


Take it from Katie: “You shouldn’t be afraid of moving around and new discoveries. You should be afraid of standing still and staying in your comfort zone. People come and go (like Anni!) and this is good because there will always be new people who inspire you…. Our friendship is thanks to BECYCLE! We both push ourselves for the same passion.”


Say hey to this incredibly dynamic duo next time you see them, and be on the lookout for your own studio soulmate!

Article written by Rose Truesdale