Introducing Care No. 1: BECYCLE's Active Wear Detergent

Have you ever thrown your workout clothes into the washing machine after an intense RIDE or REFINE class, but when they were finally clean they just smelt. . . off? This happens because odors and bacteria can get trapped in the fibres of that sweat-wicking fabric that your favorite leggings are made of.  And to make things worse, regular laundry detergent just traps the odor into the fabric while attempting to mask it with a fragrant smell (yuck!)  


BECYCLE has had it's fair share of smelly active wear in the past, which is why we developed Care No. 1! Care No. 1 is a laundry detergent specifically designed to reliably remove unpleasant odors and wash your clothes to a hygienic clean, without compromising the breathable properties of the textiles. The formula consists of ionic and non-ionic surfacants, enzymes, lime binders, and stabilizers. When you use Care No. 1, your clothes will not only be clean, but they will smell clean too!  

So say goodbye to the lingering smell of sweat that you can't shake out of your active wear, and say hello to Care No. 1! Next time you're in the studio, pick up a bottle from our boutique and try it for yourself.