How Astrology Changed My Life

On August 3, we are hosting a 2-hour Astrological Immersion led by Daisy Clementine Douglas. To give you a taste of what her workshop will entail, we sat down with Daisy to find out more about astrology, as well as some recommendations for the skeptics. Want to know how it changed her life? Keep reading…

© Caroline Vandelooverbosch

© Caroline Vandelooverbosch

1. How would you describe astrology, and how did you discover it?

One of my best friends introduced me to the 'real' astrology when I was about 13 years old... I say real because the stuff you see in the magazines gives astrology a bad reputation - I don't necessarily support horoscopes - the work I do focuses completely on the individual and their unique birth chart. A birth chart is the reflection of how the stars were situated in the cosmos at the exact time and place of your birth - the first moment you drew breath. The stars in this moment were in divine alignment with the karmic path that you must live out in this lifetime.

Astrology itself is the psychology of energy and study of life. It is the art and science of how we, as vibrational beings, are inherently intertwined with the dance of the cosmos above us. How certain planetary bodies emit frequencies that we are uniquely influenced by. It all comes down to energy (vibration). Evolutionary Astrology, the type of astrology that I practice, helps to remind us that we are so divinely human. It helps us to have an objective perspective on where we've come from (in previous lifetimes) and where our soul wants to move towards in this lifetime for its liberation.

2. Have you felt any changes since working with astrology - for yourself or your clients?

Astrology completely changed my life. It has given me an incredibly deep understanding of myself - not just the what but the WHY! Which, I believe is the most empowering thing - understanding why things are playing out in a certain way and what certain situations come to teach you. Your birth chart shows us your divine potential in this lifetime but of course, we all have free will! Therefor, it is up to us whether we choose the higher or lower manifestation of a certain placement in the chart. Every time I give a session I am helping my clients to remember their souls deepest desires and intentions in this lifetime. I'm not telling people shocking information about themselves - I am helping them to remember that which has been forgotten. I am strengthening peoples intuition and being a divine mirror for them to align with their highest potential. It is so incredibly beautiful to understand the cycles and rhythms of nature and to align yourself with them.

© Christina Valdes

© Christina Valdes

3. How would you convince the skeptics, to believe in the stars?

I feel that people will choose to open when they are ready to - it's one of those things that can't be forced on people. The curiosity needs to come from within them. No matter how 'spiritual' somebody is, I believe we all have our superstitions and intuitions about certain things. I feel in this day and age many people are beginning to wake up and see that there is more beyond this material realm we've been born into. I like to say, give something a go before you judge it and shut yourself off from it. Usually when people begin to gain a deeper understanding of astrology they are in complete awe! It is like someone is reflecting to them the deepest, darkest, hidden parts of themselves.

Astrology is the oldest science in the world (before the Church deemed it 'woo-woo' in the 16th century) - all of the most ancient civilisations used astrology as a way to understand their community and nature on a deeper level - however, none of them knew that each other were using the stars as they had no way of being in contact with one another. I think that this is so cool! The Mayans, Indians, Romans, Greeks, Chinese, Egyptians (and more) all had/have their unique way of interpreting the stars. We are all vibrational beings, made of energy... everything in the universe is made of energy. The cosmos is the macrocosm and our bodies are the microcosm - a reflection of that which is happening above us.

© Madison Dubé

© Madison Dubé

4. What was the most unusual or memorable experience you have had with astrology so far?

Oo, this is a tough question. All of my experiences have been truly divine and awesome! The most unusual it would get is that the deeper I go in my practice the more 'in-tune' I am becoming - and sometimes it can mean freaky (but awesome) synchronicities and downloads. You can only learn a certain amount of astrology (really, you can learn forever haha) but at one point it becomes intuitive as well. The most memorable experiences are the ones where we really get down to the core of a persons deepest blockage or fear - or their purpose for being here. My favourite moment with astrology was when I had finished my first ever astrology class and realised how deeply I had fallen in love with astrology and that I wanted to practice and learn it for the rest of my life. I think people tend to put astrology into a very 'woo-woo' box because of how pop-culture has depicted it - however, I believe it is such a beautifully grounded art - at least the way I practice and read for my clients. We are talking about very human topics - sometimes etheric and spiritual - we are discussing the wholeness of your being. The most wonderful thing about my career is that I am able to travel with it and hold workshops for others in different countries around the world.

5. Do you have any recommendations on incorporating astrology into daily life?

Simple things you can do beyond checking your horoscope are;

  • Check out Kaypacha's weekly pele reports where he discusses the current celestial play

  • Go to ASTRO.COM to pull up your chart and have a look at your 'personal report' - this lacks the poetry and intuition of a real-life astrologer but at least will give you some insight to your chart

  • Check out Mystic Mamma’s astrology updates (especially on the Full Moon)

  • Gaining a deeper understanding of the moon cycles and how you can align yourself with them (join my workshop at BECYCLE or check out my online course being released at the beginning of next year) & start bringing rituals into your daily life for the New and Full Moon - on the new moon you are focusing on planting new seeds and inviting new energy into your life, on the full moon it is a time to give birth to that which you planted, to release and let go.

  • Listen to or read anything by Steven Forrest (my all time favourite astrologer)

  • If you want to take your practice deeper you can check out my first astrology school, Sydney Astrology School

  • Follow me on Instagram @flowersfordais_astrology for my daily astro updates

Interview by Stephanie Cusack - marketing/events manager and yoga teacher at BECYCLE.