Exercise, But Not in Excess

© Well+Good

© Well+Good

Here at BECYCLE we stand behind our mind-body-spirit connection. We challenge ourselves to operate in the efforts of a holistic approach to exercise and health. As an exercise studio we love supporting the physical aspect of health! Yet, we cannot forget how closely that ties into our mental health as well. Our team is very passionate about an article* we recently read about exercise addiction and looking at the motivation behind exercise. We encourage everyone to give it a read and think about what drives your passion for exercise and how to be focused on encouraging yourself to exercise, in a healthy way.

We are not just a studio, but a community. This comes with a lot of love for our customers and staff. These are touchy subjects, but let’s support, communicate, and grow through these sensitive, but important subjects.

*The article that inspired us for this read + recap was Everything I Learned About Being An Exercise Addict — After Realizing I Was One by Well+Good.

Article recap written by Maddie Grobe