Eating Healthy On Holiday: 5 Quick Tips

Struggling to stay on track when you travel? It can be easy to overindulge with the “when in Rome” mentality, but going on vacation shouldn’t mean forgetting all your healthy habits. Here are 5 quick tips to make healthier choices on holiday…

© Unsplash

© Unsplash

  1. Stay hydrated

    Often we forget the dehydrating effects of plane travel and air-conditioned hotel rooms. Stay hydrated on the go with water or herbal tea (limit coffee, tea and alcohol) and take an eco-friendly bottle with you to save on plastic.

  2. Focus on fresh fruit and veg

    Make a habit of finding a local market to buy fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables for breakfast and snacks. When eating out, pick healthy sides over pure carbs - green salads, and steamed or grilled vegetables, with dressings or sauces on the side.

  3. Sharing is caring

    If you can’t resist trying the local specialty everywhere you go (and let’s be honest, pizza does taste better in Italy), share with your travel companions! Split a pizza and order a few colourful salads for the table - easier to digest and more nutritious too!

  4. Do your research

    Do a quick Google search - or even better ask the locals - to find the best health food places at your destination. Apps like Find Me Gluten Free and Happy Cow are also good resources for finding gluten-free and plant-based restaurants. If you’re anything like the BECYCLE team who book into workouts wherever we go, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a nearby cafe to refuel afterwards!

  5. Treat yourself to a wellness retreat

    Once you’ve been on a fitness or yoga retreat, you’ll know how life-changing they can be. You won’t even need to worry about choosing healthy options, as nourishing food is often part of the package deal. This October, we’re hosting a BEaway yoga and fitness retreat in stunning Ibiza - join us for a 4-day immersion into blissful yoga, energising workouts, excellent food and island exploration.

All that being said, remember a holiday is meant to be enjoyed! Do your best to nourish your body, stay active, and make the most of an amazing time off - besides, we’ll be here with great workouts and healthy meals from My Goodness to welcome you back home!

Article by Steph Cusack - marketing/events manager and yoga teacher at BECYCLE.