Allowed to BE Loud

Audrey's been a customer since July 2017.

Audrey's been a customer since July 2017.

Ever been in a RIDE that’s half-full, but the energy feels as though every seat’s taken? Audrey was in there. Have you taken Micha’s Monday HIIT and Mobility back-to-back classes and wonder how it can’t possibly be the weekend already? No one has a case of the Mondays. In fact, they have quite the opposite, they’ve got that Friday feeling. Well, Audrey was in those classes, too.

Audrey brings an aura of energy wherever she goes. She’s a flame of fire. She’s a ball of fun. She’s a loud and proud. Naturally.

Born in Lima, Peru, and raised in Los Angeles, USA, Audrey’s got a special blend of boisterous and sass. We can’t get enough of it here at BECYCLE!

Audrey has said that her indoor voice can sometimes come across too loud, according to her family, so she moderates herself except for when in exercise classes. BECYCLE is her outlet, where she’s allowed to be loud.

“I feel that my loud personality is finally home when I am in the middle of a workout. The cheering and loudness comes naturally. I feel like a personal cheerleader for everyone in class. The best part is, I always feel so good after letting all that energy out, I just keep coming back for more,” she says.

Audrey in her comfort zone.

Audrey in her comfort zone.

From wooing and singing along in those BE45s to cheering on her fellow peers on their last set of burpees, Audrey can bring up the mood from zero to ten in no time. Come take a class with her, if you haven’t already. You’ll see (and hear) what we mean.

Like many expats, Audrey moved to Berlin with her family a little over a year ago because of her husband’s job. Thanks to him, Audrey’s an avid BECYCLE customer with over 170 enrolled classes here to date. He’s actually the one who found out about BECYCLE in the first place.

“My family knows how cranky I can get, if I don’t work out, so once we decided to move to Berlin, my husband started researching all the gyms in the area, and narrowed it down to a few. He made sure this was a big part of our move,” Audrey adds.

Coincidentally, Audrey’s first class at BECYCLE was the first year anniversary RIDE where every RIDE instructor got to lead a song or two. This was Audrey’s first and most fondest memory. Since then, she was hooked. And not just to the classes, but also the atmosphere.


Her shoes say it all!

Her shoes say it all!

“I was looking for community, and that is what I found at BECYCLE. There are so many people with unique stories you can find out over a cup of coffee. It’s just fascinating,” she mentions.

To Audrey, what’s unique about BECYCLE is “how friendly everyone is once you walk through the door. It feels like you know everyone, even if it’s your first time. For me, especially the first few months of adjusting in a new city, it was a lifeline that helped me get comfortable in my new city. I will be forever grateful to my husband for finding BECYCLE.”


A FEW Quick Qs:

Fun fact: You've taken 170 classes at BECYCLE as of today. Damn, you go girl! So what/who are your favorite classes/instructors and why? Oh wow, I didn’t know that! I’m not surprised, as there are so many amazing instructors and the classes offered are so varied that you can just keep trying new variations each week. I really like to start my week with Micha and her HIIT class. That is probably my hardest class, but I just love getting back at it after taking the weekend off. I usually end up walking funny for a few days, but it’s worth it and no matter how much fun I had on the weekend, Micha never lets me slack off.  Next up, Cormac’s power yoga just makes all the sore spots feel good and his teaching style just always calms my hyper personality. The new BE30Sculpt 15 is also a new favorite. I would do a longer class, if you ever offered it. I feel like I could just keep answering this question for each instructor because they all offer something special and I have fun in all the classes.

What do you do for a living? Once upon a time I worked in sales but then I had twins, so I decided to stay home with them.

What do you do for fun? I love to go out with friends to any of the amazing restaurants, coffee shops and bars in Berlin. I love to travel and immerse my family in a new culture, it’s just such a gift to be able to share this with my kids.

Anything you miss from back home? Oh yes, Mexican food and of course family and friends, not necessarily in that order. If I am missing Peru, I go to Nauta and ask for extra spice on their ceviche.  It reminds me of my dad’s ceviche, that says a lot! When I miss the US, I go to Supreme Burger. Bring on the bacon! My favorite cafes in the area are District Coffee for their oat lattes, but also for the friendly service. Last, but certainly not least is My Goodness Café, I religiously have a daily shot of their ginger/lemon along with the occasional acai bowls and smoothies.

Article written by Megan Lillick