4 Natural Remedies for a Healthier 2019

Ready for a healthier new year? No matter how hard our efforts, some of us just have lower immune systems, especially in the colder months. Here are some favourite natural remedies from life purpose coach, breath work & yoga teacher Eva Kaczor.

Eva: I like to think I have a pretty consistent schedule to keep my immune system healthy; I practice regular breath work, have cold showers, eat fermented food and get a lot of morning light and deep sleep. The list goes on!

But every once in a while I still manage to get the occasional cold. While I used to take a week or so to get over it, since discovering these natural helpers I’m able to bounce back a lot faster. I always take these in my travel bag, as they’re perfect for fighting bacteria or parasites in foreign countries.

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If my nose starts running or my belly starts to feel funky, I find that oregano oil always does the trick. It has more antioxidants than blueberries, and can stop the growth of different types of bacteria and fungus - also protecting against leaky gut. It was a life saver when I needed to kill parasites during work trips to Mexico!

I usually take it as a liquid diluted in water or oat milk. Drop it under the tongue, but take me seriously when I tell you it is strong, so only take one or two drops, or look for a capsule form.

© Dr. Weil

© Dr. Weil


I love using this natural antibiotic to fight all kinds of infectious microbes, including bacterial, viral and fungal. It’s one of my travel kit essentials, as I’ve found it works beautifully against digestive disturbances including candida and Bali belly. I prefer taking the extract in a liquid form, so that it can also be used as throat gargle, mouthwash, or put in my neti pot to cleanse my sinus.

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This home remedy has been in my family for generations, and always makes me feel much better. The moment I feel a cold creeping in, I fill a bucket of warm water and add half a cup of mineral salts (Epson, Basenbad or ocean salt work well), keeping my feet in for 20 minutes. This usually helps to improve circulation, reduce inflammation and relaxes the nervous system.



I love to start my morning routine with a breathing technique that eliminates toxins and activates the flow of the lymphatic system. I sit or stand and start breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth. The inhale starts in my belly and goes up to my chest, the exhale floats down the spine. This takes between 1 to 3 minutes.

About Eva
Eva Kaczor is a life purpose coach and spiritual guide, a breath work & meditation teacher, yoga expert and the founder of PSYCHEDELIC BREATH, YOGIS ON SOUND and YOGA MEETS ART.

Based in Berlin, Eva facilitates spiritual experiences and purpose coaching worldwide, among others at Burning Man, HABITAS, Nomade Tulum, and Villa Illumina Mykonos. To join her international experiences, follow her on Instagram.

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