An Underground Brand - LNDR

Working out, walking around, or people watching in Berlin you see a lot of the big name brands: your Adidas emblem, Nike swoosh, or Lulu labels. All of these we know and love amongst our BECYCLE family, but one brand in particular you might not immediately notice for its label, but rather for its incredible fit. From the Land of the Underground comes a somewhat still underground brand, LNDR.

Their clothes — from bottoms to tops and outerwear — have seams and panels that follow the body’s curves and definition lines and bend where the body does, too. The fabric cradles muscles, slims physiques, and opens up movement points. Just as it fits to your body type, the subtle colors allow you to dress each piece up (or down) and adapt to your own personal style. 

We love the fact that the founders aren’t just cycle celebs or HIIT heroes, they sweat to pilates, yoga, circuit training, boxing and more. Clearly they’ve put their own products to the test.

BECYCLE founder, Gundula Cöllen can vouch for the versatility: "On my never ending quest to find the perfect workout pant, I came across LNDR and fell immediately in love. No matter the yoga pose or amount of sweat, it keeps everything in place and dries quickly. It can also live with being washed less frequently so it's the perfect pair to pack on an active holiday."



The abbreviation of LNDR is a wink to the brand’s DNA: although team members are from different corners of the globe, each is now a proud ‘Londoner’ (LNDR). We love this notion of a melting pot of people that come together thanks to their passions, and can be proud of the place they currently call home. Our BECYCLE community feels a lot like this, and we hope you agree!

The line is currently available in more than 20 countries, with plans for expansion, but it’s not something you can find everywhere. This is another reason we're excited to be one of the lucky selected retailers to stock several styles and sizes of the brand. So next time you're in BECYCLE, take a look, try on a pair (or two) because working out is way more fun when you look and feel good. 

Article written by Sarah Findle