New York City - The City That Never Sleeps

A guide to NYC, as told by BECYCLE ambassador, Ann-Kathrin Grebner.


Hardly anyone is a friend of clichés - let alone prejudice. But New York seems to hit the mark, at least with the positive part of it. For me, New York is always exactly my destination when I feel or need a change. That's when I'm drawn to the Big Apple. New York offers not only a lot of hustle, bustle and excitement, but also peace and quiet.  

During your stay in New York you can let yourself go with the dynamics of the city. Drift. Stop. Stay. Move on. Besides countless new formats of meditations, the most diverse work out formats, there is also a perfect balance of art and culture. So that on your next visit to one of the greatest cities in the USA you won't have to give in so aimlessly to the dynamism of the big city, we're sending you some tips and clues about New York City today. 

Healthy eating and active living can help you to manage stress even if being or living in one of the most stressful cities. This guide provides simple steps for creating healthy habits including a couple of treats too ;)

Welcome to my small but nice NYC Guide:

Healthy Food

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The Wild Son
53 Little West 12th St, NY 10014

This bohemian all day restaurant serves delicious and healthy meals along with creative cocktails and drinks. Stop in to be greeted by friendly staff and an airy atmosphere.

Source: Instagram

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"so fresh, all we add is love"

Trending - The Poke Spot
Soho 25 Cleveland Place, NY 10012

Serving the freshest ingredients, their goal is to offer a meaningful experience for every guest who enters their doors. You will never leave not feeling great about the meal you just enjoyed.

Source: Instagram

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“vegetarian food can be fun, rich and deeply satisfying”

Star food - The Nix NY
72 University Pl, NY 10003

Ever feel like eating vegetarian/vegan can be restrictive and boring? NIX is here to change that with their celebration of vegetable based meals that are full of flavors and seasonal options.

Source: Nix


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“modern twists on an old-fashioned favorite

Get your daily oats - Oat Meals NY

120 West 3rd St, NY 10012

Oatmeal based delights for every kind of mood! With over 30 signature options of sweet or savory oatmeal bowls and pastries you will find yourself wanting to try every option!

Source: Oat Meals NY

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"we chop, carve and fillet fresh produce"

The one and only - The Butcher’s Daughter
Nolita, 19 Kennare street, NY 10012

This veggie and fruit "slaughterhouse" offers an ever changing menu of delicious vegetarian based meals and fresh juices.

Source: Instagram

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“playful yet minimalistic”

Don't miss - Egg Shop
151 Elizabeth St, NY 10012

Full of egg-centric meals, egg shop has set out to explore the incredible versatility of the egg. From familiar to nuanced creations, your breakfast, lunch and dinner cravings will always be satisfied with one of their egg creations and juices, cocktails or wines to accompany them.

Source: Instagram

Time for aN (iced) coffee

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"the spirit of the outdoors"

Get your work done - The Elk
128 Charles Street, NY 10014

This specialty coffee shop practices sustainable and social responsibility to provide its guests with the best locally sourced ingredients. Along with its full service cafe they also sell home and lifestyle items, making it a great two for one stop any day.

Source: Instagram

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"australian coffee culture"

For lattes & more - Saltwater NYC
345 E 12th Street, NY 10003

Saltwater offers people the chance to turn off that never-ending New York buzz for just a moment when entering their shop. They have created an atmosphere focused on the enjoyment and the leisure of coffee instead of a dependence on it for fuelling work.

Source: Instagram

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“the best garage for coffee”

Café Gitane
242 Mott St, NY 10012

Offering its customers french-moroccan cuisine, this loaded menu has something for everyone, no matter the time of day.

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"a pampering escape"

Get your nails done - Sundays

51 E 25th St, NY 10010

Looking to not just look your best but also feel your best? This nail salon is the place to be then. It is not just a manicure but a time to spend on your wellness and exercise meditation.

Source: Sundays

Shopping the Yogi way

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"As You Are"

Stop by for some shopping at any Avocado store.

Athleisure that never pinches, pulls or pushes. Find the perfect fit that will highlight the You In You.

Source: Avocado

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"ease, humor and delight"

Quality threads - Outdoor Voices.

With a goal in mind to create a community of exercisers who share a goal of just showing up over competition, they have created a brand to help others pursue the same goal. To help people get out there and "doing things" they have created their highest quality apparel.

Source: Outdoor Voices


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"a syncretic hatha yoga"

Going for the intense way of yoga - THE STUDIO Katonah Yoga Practice
302 Bowery, NY 10012

The development of this form of yoga incorporates classical hatha yoga with taoist theory, geometry, magic, mythology, metaphor and imagination.

Source: Instagram

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"Nothing better to start your day with"

Modo yoga
434 6th Avenue, NY 10011

Find a space of traditional yoga and therapeutic yoga combined in modo yoga's hot yoga space. Every session will provide you with an ease of mind along with a cardiovascular workout.

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"the class to make you feel all the feels"

The Class by Taryn Toomey
22 Park Place, NY 10023


Source: Taryn Toomey

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Be happy - SoulCycle
21 West End Ave, NY 10023

During this class you will not only experience a one of a kind workout but also an empowering mind and body experience that makes you come back time and time again.

Source: SoulCycle

meditation and breathing

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"achieve natural symptom relief"

Breathe Salt Rooms
1 Park Avenue, NY 10016

Using clinically dry salt therapy, these rooms provide therapeutic services for various reasons. ranging from skin restoration to respiratory health improvement.

Source: Instagram

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"we exist to enable humans to feel good"

Be mindful - MNDFL Meditation Studio
208 N 8th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Whether its your first time practicing meditation or you're a seasoned practicer there is a space for you at MNDFL. Offering different time lengths and flexibility allows you to make your visit personal and effective.

Source: MDFL Meditation

Article written by Ann-Kathrin Grebner, BECYCLE Ambassador