Megan and AJ Get Makeovers!

I need a haircut. Real bad. And not just a trim and prim. I need the whooooole do done. I need to get my hair did - that’s how we say it in America. ;)

I’ve got split ends like bristles of an old yard broom. My blonde is long gone. It’s now full-fledged green. Seriously. It looks like I’ve been swimming laps everyday. I tell ya, this Berlin calc-y water is no bueno for this natural blonde-y.

I use to be much more blonde. A natural bleach blonde in the summers, in fact. Unfortunately, age dulled it down and dirtied it up, turning me almost into a brunette. :(

Ever since my blonde went drab, I’ve been highlighting my mop. And it ain’t cheap!

I splurge on highlights every now and again, mostly when there’s some big fancy event I’m attending like a wedding. Sometimes I get them, when I feel I down-right deserve them. Self-care all the way!

Meet Nicole Wheadon, always full of fun-loving energy. 

Meet Nicole Wheadon, always full of fun-loving energy. 

I also get them, when a professional hair stylist straight up tells me, “Megan, you look a bit drab, let’s lighten you up with highlights.” I trust the artist. I trust the pros.

This is what Nicole Wheadon, on of my favourite customer’s of BECYCLE told me one day this past winter. She owns her own beauty shop called Wheadon, so I trusted her brutal honesty.

She told me to come by her shop ASAP for a makeover. I said, “Awesome, but only if AJ accompanies me and gets one, too.”  He was standing right next to me, during the whole conversation, and I could see the bit of jealousy in his face, when she offered me a makeover, and not him. It’s not like he needed one. He always looks good! But, I thought it’d be more fun with a friend and she was all for it! So to Wheadon we went.

And boy did we get the royal treatment! AJ got a turbo facial, followed up with a chic haircut and beard trim downstairs in their men’s barbershop. As I mentioned before, he was handsome already going into it, but came out looking like a prince. :)

AJ's Transformation // From Scruff to Chic

For me, next door in the ladies’ salon, it was a bit more work because back then, I also had the green hair with split ends for days. I got a head full of highlights and a haircut, exactly what I knew I was coming for. But then, I was also treated to the turbo facial** and my eyebrows were waxed. This was way more than I was expecting and could even beg to bargain for! I was in luxury heaven.

**Woah, is that refreshing. It felt like my face had been deep tissue massage-d. The turbo part was interesting in a good way. When it was turned on, it pushed cold blasts of air across my face waking up every single pore for good.

My Transformation // From Green to Glam

When all was said, done and hair-did, I felt like a whole new me. My hair was blonde, again. The ends healthy and fresh. My eyebrows were shaped in beautiful arches, and my face wide-awake for the world. I was dooooone up!

Five months later (here we are today), I need this all done over. So, if you’re like me, in need of a haircut, highlights, good-cold blast of air massaged all over your face and/or eyebrow re-shaping, then give my friend Nicole a call. She’ll get you in. She likes BECYCLE customers. ;)

Article written by Megan Lillick