Instructor Insights: Sara Lynn

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Get smiling with Sara Lynn

Join Sara Lynn's barre class to sweat, love yourself, feel the burn, & power through! You’ll leave feeling empowered, exhausted but, above anything, happy to be alive & in an upbeat spirit!

Fit-focused Qs:

What is your go-to breakfast on a busy morning? My standard is half a liter of boiled ginger water with a few drops of lemon and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar – anything on top of that is a bonus if I'm running late. If I have 7 minutes: good old fashioned steamed oatmeal with dried goji berries or fresh blueberries. If I have 5 minutes: classic smoothie – typically banana with raspberry or mango (spinach for bonus points). I like to keep it really simple in the AM as your body is coming out of “night-time detox mode”, so introducing healthy but also easy foods to break down makes you FAR less tired then going BIG for breakfast. I always say: trust your body – it can do a lot more than your mind believes. 

© Bertrand Mbi

© Bertrand Mbi

What's your best strategy to stay motivated? I find if I’m happy, then I’m motivated so I try to correlate the two to create the ULTIMATE outlook on life. Meditation everyday, set goals (small or big) and write those suckers on paper to make them REAL, create your very own vision board(s), PROMOTE positive self-talk & POST it via sticky notes where you can see them everyday, make the background of your phone an inspiring quote & repeat it in your head every time you see it (change the background every 2 weeks for challenge), finding small ways to love yourself everyday (eg. 3 compliments & 3 gratitudes every morning, grab that extra coffee when you need it, 2 minutes of silence midday to refocus & hear your body/soul talking to you). When you love yourself everything else falls into place – motivation included.

The best thing we can do for ourselves after a workout is… HYDRATE & find that inner hum – find the GRATITUDE + LOVE within ourselves for showing up, sweating it out and killing it! WHOOT WHOOT! But quite seriously, drink plenty of water & give your body what it needs: food / rest / massage / stretch – whatever it is, listen carefully.

Is there a special dietary regime you follow? What changes have you seen or felt since you have started it? I am quite the health nut as I am allergic to artificial flavor and coloring (my entire life) – yes that includes chocolate and yes birthday parties were not my favorite as a kid – but what it did teach me is that you truly are what you eat. I attempt to carry the traditional ‘rations’ from all food groups into my meals, but I always end up eating closely to the RAW diet (eating fruits/veggies raw, avoiding meats, and only eating cheese from the dairy food group). I`ve discovered that the theory is true – when you eat good, you feel good… that's your reward. I have also tried for several months and still occasionally integrate intermittent fasting (eating between 12pm - 8pm or 8am – 4pm) in to my life. I found this a very empowering experience as it gave the POWER of choice back to me & I ended up falling in love with actually sitting down and enjoying a meal rather than mindlessly eating (I know we are often guilty of that). I loved the feeling of knowing WHEN I did eat that I made the RIGHT & HEALTHY choice, which ended up with me eating a ton of salads… unexpected – I know ;) BOTTOM LINE: I’m ALWAYS eating my fruits & veggies all day everyday while staying hydrated which does incredible things for your tummy & skin.

What are your top three exercises to do at home? BRIDGES – do it slow or do it fast; it doesn't matter, the outcome is an incredible ab & bum burn, because you are literally working so many muscle groups ALL at once. PLUS, you can pulse & hold forever and ever and ever and ever ... I think you get the point ;) PLANK HIP DIPS – this is such an effective one, while plank alone is also a multi-muscle burner/worker when you do the hip dips to the right & left your adding a nice little oblique burn. SARA`s CLASSIC ‘GET MICHELLE OBAMA ARM ROUTINE' – this one we do every class & is super easy to do at home if you have 5 minutes. You can choose between pulsing / holding / slow controlled or fast upbeat movements but all you have to do is lift those arms like a bird and start with small circles forwards, backwards, then raise the roof, push the floor away, bring the arms up above your head and shoulder press down pulse it out there or just hold, there are tons of variations as long as you keep moving your arms and not let them drop, you are on the right track. 

© Bertrand Mbi

© Bertrand Mbi

What are your tips to have energy all day? HYDRATE & find happiness in the small things in life - once you see the beauty in everything around you it becomes very easy to be consistently happy. Also listen to your body, it’s your TEMPLE people – treat it that way, whatever it needs you provide it (with respect, of course). Choose healthy foods when needed and move your body as often as you can, even if that means just a 5-minute solo dance party in the kitchen, or holding a bridge for 5 minutes. Once you've taken care of your mind & body it’s time to fill up your soul tank, pick your ‘happy’ music or watch your favorite movie clip or call a good friend for a nice deep conversation filled with love and positivity – but whatever it is, the small act brings a smile to your face AND your heart. It’s all about hitting home with the mind / body / soul!

What's your favourite motivational quote? I love myself wholeheartedly. / Mind over matter. / This too shall pass. / The world is your catwalk – own it. 

Quick-fire Qs

Favourite smoothie at MyGoodness: Love you so Matcha! Followed by a ginger shot – you can never have enough ginger in your life. Ever.
Best Restaurant in Berlin: GOOD TIME Thai - is no joke the bomb dot com. Authentic cooking and rich tastes, it really is just always a good time ;)
Best Bar in Berlin: The barre at Becycle ;) – sorry, I`m really not one for going out…
Best Place to dance in Berlin: My Kitchen. Cooking up a storm & drinking some homemade kombucha. …Or if I’m honest in front of the mirror, probably holding a hairbrush as a mic, dancing my butt off!
Favourite exercise: Plié squats 
Least favourite exercise: Don’t really have one.... is that weird?! Wait wait wait - burpees. Not a fan of those. It's a love/hate relationship.

Silly Qs:

Dog, cats, neither? Why? Both are great but I’m more of a pet cactus type of person.

What's your personal theme song? Glamorous by Fergie – love love LOVE throwback songs

You're stranded on an island. What's the one thing you'd wish you had and why? An iPod with all my fav tunes on it. I think it would make me less inclined to go crazy…