Instructor Insights: Mirja


Mirja's Mantras

Mirja is one of BECYCLE's favourite Ride instructors known to play that down a gritty hip hop.

Fit-focused Qs:

What is your go-to breakfast on a busy morning? Coffee and an apple or banana.

What's your best strategy to stay motivated? Eyes on the prize.

The best thing we can do for ourselves after a workout is… Drink plenty water, eat, recover.

Is there a special dietary regime you follow? What changes have you seen or felt since you have started it?  Nope. I tried to be vegan for the month of January but it was a massive fail. I cheated every day, haha!

What is your go-to exercise at home? I love doing ab workouts at home. They can be super quick and effective. Also, some yoga asanas really help me start the day right or calm down after a crazy day. 

What are your tips to have energy all day? Sleep enough and eat regularly.

What's your favourite motivational quote if any?  "In this great future, you can't forget your past"- Bob Marley. It reminds me of all the people who have come before me and paved the way for me. It also motivates me to honor them, my heritage and all the opportunities I have today to make the most of my life and my future! It's more of a motivational quote for life and gets me excited about what lies ahead and makes me grind harder.

Quick-fire Qs

Favourite smoothie at MyGoodness: Maca Power Up.
Best Restaurant in Berlin: Probably Risa because that's where I eat the most often, haha. #chickenfordays
Best Bar in Berlin: Rum Trader and TiEr.
Best Place to dance in Berlin: My living room :)
Favourite exercise: On the bike: progressive hill climb in 3rd or steady rpm shifting in saddle.
Least favourite exercise: On the bike: sprinting out of the saddle :(

Silly Qs:

Dog, cats, neither? Dogs! 

What's your personal theme song? That's very hard to answer because it really depends on my mood. Currently (still) "Bodak Yellow" by Cardi B to unleash the badass in me obviously.

You're stranded on an island. What's the one thing you'd wish you had and why? My twin sister, we would have the best time.