Instructor Insights: Irene

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Irene's solid body and mind is a true testament to the hard work she puts in everyday to making fitness her life. Don't let her cheeky sense of humour and sweet smile fool you, as she's a tough one! Her ultimate goal is to get people active, regardless of how they do it. And if a good sweat's involved, even better!

Fit-focused Qs:

What is your go-to breakfast on a busy morning? I generally am trying to keep up my morning routine, which is all about tea and porridge in different variations. If my morning starts early and goes on with no break, I do have my little go to breakfast quickie – a while back I found this company, alphafoods, they are doing all organic food supplements, the one is called Grüne Mutter and Morning Fuel. It’s not the kinda shake that would get bodybuilders or muscle bunnies excited, cause it is really only all about active ingredients that get you started right into the day without clogging up your system.

What's your best strategy to stay motivated? Allowing myself to be unmotivated, motivated, highly motivated and incredibly unmotivated without judging any of the current phase that I am in. Accepting that you cannot be motivated 24/7 is a pretty good step towards a healthy mindset and understanding what you need when. Besides that I am always checking in with myself, why I am unmotivated, the motive can give you an idea about a possible adaption in training, nutrition, lifestyle one needs to make in order to be motivated again.

The best thing we can do for ourselves after a workout is... Breathe and when you’re done with feeling the blood rushing through your body, have a hot cold shower (yes I am old school fan of hot/cold showers) get some healthy fuel to fill your body to the brim with goodness.

© Immanuel Meier

© Immanuel Meier

Is there a special dietary regime you follow? A balanced diet is what I follow, no other trend or hyped regime. I believe that balance is the key. In order to find the right balance I always like the visual cue of “your plate needs to be as colourful as possible” and from experience I know that some people need numbers in their lives in order to regulate behaviour, so the 90/10 rule helps to stay on path while allowing yourself some room to go wild. 90% you sticking to a healthy diet for yourself and 10% you letting the sugar dogs out. Or wine? Well anything you consider as 10% of naughtiness.

What are your top three exercises to do at home? BURPEES, for sure. Mountain climbers and squats in all variations.

What are your tips to have energy all day? Sufficient sleep, good hydration/nutritious food, some form of activity. Most people struggle sticking to those so they start quick fixing with coffee, etc. But those three, in my opinion, are the golden rules to live a solid healthy life

What's your favourite motivational quote? You are you and that is your power.

Quick-fire Qs

Favourite smoothie at My Goodness: I like them all and I am huge fan of their turmeric ginger latte, especially on cold days, yum.
Best restaurant in Berlin: My boyfriend is gonna roll his eyes, but I am a fan of noto.
Best bar in Berlin:
Frankly I am a lamo when it comes to going out, so there certainly is room to improve on my side, when we do go, then I like Milano Bar.
Best place to dance in Berlin: At the ballet studio? Show me people, I don’t know!
Favourite exercise: Too many to tell, I am a mover and some days I like to move fast and others I like it slow and controlled. 
Least favourite exercise: The least favourite is generally the one we are pretty bad at, so I am about to share my weakness with everyone, mmmh, well I think I dislike anything overhead, squats, lunges with weight overhead.

Silly Q's:

Dog, cats, neither? Catlady or catwoman, sounds better! I love animals, so if I could I would have both.

What's your personal theme song? OMG, I gotta think about that one. I should have one when walking into the class to coach…hahaha.

You're stranded on an island. What's the one thing you'd wish you had? Just one? Can I do the – with that one wish I wish for two more wishes thing? Jeepers can I take a pen and paper? Ok I am romantic, my man. Maybe he is any good at hunting for food.